2 thoughts on “Fine Art (Heist) Saturday

  1. Wonderful piece today, thank you. The history was a great read–loved the ed-u-ma-gation. I’d guess the con man was not involved because he described a 250 lb painting that needed 2 men to carry it. Big fat red flag and not a great con man! He, like most of us I guess, assume the Mona Lisa is a grand portrait like other grand European portraits–even when we’ve been told it’s not, after a while, our memory reasonably reverts back to it being a “grande” work. My dear daughter told me it was small but when I saw it in 2005, I was still a shock. It is about the size of piece of copy paper–at least it looks that small when viewing it with a huge crowd gathered around it. When I showed it to my husband in 2013, I was surprised all over again–it is that small and it still had a large throng of visitors enjoying it. So, perhaps the heist was worth it?

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