Happy Dance


Good Morning, Quilters!

This morning I am doing a Happy Dance…and I want to thank YOU!

I was delighted that so many of you were able to attend “Meander No More”-the Webinar.

We covered a lot of ground:  everything from machine set up to design tips and we talked about how to break free motion quilting into four separate skills.  

I hope you all bought your sketchbooks and are doodling already!

If you signed up, but weren’t able to make the Live event, you’ll receive a link next week, along with all the supplemental information.

Of course, you can still sign up and watch the recorded Webinar as many times as you like…

Meander No More: Learn to Free Motion Quilt With Confidence

Again, thanks to FWMedia and Quiltmaker magazine for making the Webinar possible…

Happy Dancing,

Happy Stitching,




39 thoughts on “Happy Dance

  1. I love the happy dance and your presentation. It covered a lot of grounds. I wished you would spend more time on the actual stitching. I don’t know how many quilters have visited your wonderful blog and tutorials. Thank you.

  2. Hi Lori: I was just about to ask why I haven’t gotten the link to the presentation since I missed it, but there you have already answered the question. I will be patient until next week…

  3. Oh my gosh that dancing pattern has me rolling!! Good one..LOL! Loved the webinar and took notes. Was like a super info packed review of this whole last year. You did a great job. 🙂
    The birds are tweeting this morning! Spring is almost here! I get to go babysit Charlie today…my heart is full.
    The pattern lady is still dancing in your side bar….hysterical!!!!!LOL!

  4. I had the webinar on my calendar, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. I looked for a link on this site, but I didn’t see any. I put it in the search line on YouTube. So, I’m really sorry that I missed it. I hope you do another one soon.

    • Patti, the links were mailed to us. I had the same problem because I accidentally deleted the one they sent me, so I contacted them and they sent me another. Did you check your email carefully? If you don’t have it but you are registered, go back to the Fons & Porter web site and they (or FW Media) will email you a new one. Hope that helps.

    • I just reread your post, and it looks like you never signed up. They don’t give you a link till you do. Go to the Fons&Porter web site to do that; it’s not too late

  5. Your webinar was great! I’m inspired to get started, perhaps with some fat quarters with big prints. I like the idea of following the outlines. And it’s time to take doodling to another level–not just in the margins of notebooks during meetings. Thanks so much!!

  6. Thank you so much for the webinar! I picked up on some great tips and some was a valuable review. You are inspiring!!

  7. Glad to hear the webinar was a success! You did a great job!
    How many people were in the audience?

    I read your blog religiously, but it was really nice to hear your philosophy and steps straight from your lips.

    Got a grin out of the Simplicity happy dance. That’s pretty cool.

  8. Don’t you all love the way patterns were sized? That one is a 16 with bust 38″ and waist 29″!

  9. That vintage lady on the pattern doing a happy dance is so cute! Made me smile 🙂 Thanks for always sharing such great tips for those of us who need them! …and I certainly do!

  10. Mixed emotions on your dancing pattern. I remember when the new sizing came out. I know people that actually used that pattern. Glad that your webinar went so well, I’m in the group waiting for next week to see it.

  11. I listened to your presentation and thought you did a great overview of getting into FMQ. I took some notes and actually bought a sketch pad yesterday. I hang my head in shame though, I didn’t do any doodling yet. I asked a question and was pleased that it was read and you answered it on the program. I was hoping to see you sewing in action rather than viewing the beautiful examples you provided. Do you think that might happen sometime in the future?

  12. The dancing pattern was both a giggle cause it’s cute. And, it was a huge pause and reflection moment. I used that exact same pattern back when…

    We have come a long way. Thank you for all your sharing and caring about and for the quilting world.


  13. Lori, I thought the webinar was great, very well presented and for a free motion quilter chicken like me, informative. I am happy that it will be sent out next week so we can all look at it over and over. I too hope you will do another soon with you shown actually sewing the designs out. I left a message on the webinar site but wrote here so you would know how much I appreciate all your knowledge you share with us so freely. thanks very much,
    the dancing pattern is cute,
    Cathy B

  14. Missed the webinar but am looking forward to watching next week. I see a start of maybe many more . Also looking forward to your book that will be out soon I hope.
    Thanks for all you do to help us be better quilters.
    Barbara Siegler

  15. OMG! Love your vintage happy dancer. You find the cutest things to share with us. Congratulation on your Webinar class.

  16. Congrats, Lori. I’m sorry I missed your webinar, but I did sign up for it the next day. Unfortunately, although I’ve received the access code, I am still unable to access it. I just get, “Webinar has ended. No response from Fons and Porter. Bummer.

    • You will receive a link next week along with the supplemental info. Thanks for signing up!

  17. Was so sorry to miss it – pesky work. I’m so excited for my link to arrive so I can watch it! Every quilt I’ve ever made has been with free motion, so I’m always looking for new tips and patterns.

  18. It is April 13, 2015 and I have not received my link to the FMQ webinar. Please advise what is the problem. I paid March 8, 2015!

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