5 thoughts on “Fine Art Saturday

  1. I love the owl. I thoroughly enjoyed all the art galleries on our recent weekender in Scottsdale AZ! So many gifted people. I can never imagine what they had to work with so many years ago though as this artist.
    I hope you are going to show us your Bernina chair….how is it? I didn’t know they made a chair…oh and I may have fudged a little on my impulse buying. Brought home a few cute pieces yesterday but just stopped to check to see if they had that cute animal print you bought! They didn’t…would you mind giving the name of it?

  2. Durer is my second favorite artist of antiquity…Vermeer the first.. this owl looks innocent enough…:)

  3. Rosemary B here:
    Hi Lori
    I have been reading daily.
    I always enjoy your blog. I have just been busy or lazy – blazy
    So, this owl is a cutie. I used to have a friend that collected anything “owl” she had a great collection of treasured items
    This artist is one of my favorites

    Happy Saturday

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