The Mystery Quilt Epilogue AND Exciting News!

Owl, Free Motion QuiltingGood Morning, Quilters!

As you may know, the primary goal of The Inbox Jaunt is to take the fear out of Free Motion Quilting.  I try to do this every day by offering tips, techniques and ideas for you to try.

My second goal is to Ban the Stipple!–that (nasty) wormlike quilt motif that is so hard for some of us to stitch.…I try to do this every Tuesday with new step-by-step tutorials..

With my two goals in mind, I was thrilled when Quiltmaker Magazine (FW Media) asked me to do an online Webinar on free motion quilting.  I jumped at the chance.  On Wednesday, March 18, 2015 at 12:00 CST we go live with:

Meander No More: Learn to Free Motion Quilt With Confidence

I am so excited to offer this course to talk about the essentials of free motion quilting. It’s chock full of tips and tricks, products and ideas….You know me…I could blather on for hours–Unfortunately, they’ve made me trim it back to under an hour (for now…) with time for live questions…

I really hope we’ll have a good showing from The Inbox Jaunt…so mark your calendars!

Owl, Free Motion Quilting


Now back at home…we’ve been finishing up our Mystery Quilt-a-long (Spool Samplers).

However, if your first grid didn’t leave enough room for YOUR thread collection…

Owl, Free Motion QuiltingJoin me in stitching another!

This time, I used a wavy line instead of the (oft-maligned) Zig-zag.

Since I’m also working on an owl tutorial for next week, I tried a sampling of different owl doodles…

Owl, Free Motion Quilting

Maybe you could do a sampler of leaf motifs…or flowers…don’t limit yourself to spools.  Just think of all the cool wall hangings you’ll have in your sewing room!

Owl, Free Motion QuiltingRemember, quilting should be FUN!…If stippling (or zig-zagging) isn’t fun…there are plenty of choices.

Also….mark your calendars!  March 18, 2015!

Meander No More: Learn to Free Motion Quilt With Confidence

WHO, WHO, WHO’s excited?


PS…All tutorials, images and information are the property of Lori Kennedy at The Inbox Jaunt and are intended for personal use only.  Feel free to share with attribution to The Inbox Jaunt.  For all other purposes, please contact me at  Thanks!

69 thoughts on “The Mystery Quilt Epilogue AND Exciting News!

  1. Love your ideas. Are you planning on doing a book? I want to practice you designs on paper first. If you do a book please make it a spiral so we can open it flat. Did I say I love your blog.

  2. I happen to like the stipple, and there is more than one way to do it. Now if you want to ban the feather, be my guest. Feathers are way overdone, in my humble opinion. Congratulations on the show.

    • My objection to stippling is that many beginner quilters find it discouraging. Some people “get it” right away, but it’s a challenging pattern for most new quilters.

  3. How exciting for you! I just know you’re going to be great. I hope I don’t have to work that day so I can listen in.

  4. I am wondering if your Webinar will be recorded. I know that I won’t be able to watch it live, but would love to watch it later.

  5. Lori!! So excited for you! It’s on my calendar! I can hardly wait… It will be fun to hear your voice again and watch you work! Hugs! That is so cool!
    Love the owls too, fun! I really dislike stipples… Reminds me of the bug /worm trails under rocks by my flowerbed or someone scribbling on beautiful fabric. I can’t do it.

  6. Hi Lori

    I am so excited for you. The webinar looks fabulous and I am excited for your book. But please keep the blog going and all the tutorials… I get inspired by reading your stuff more than anyone else on the web!

    Thanks for all you do… Kay

  7. So thrilled about this opportunity for you and, may I add, so well deserved!!!! You have been a huge “you can do it!!!” encouragement for so many!!!!! Am doing a ‘reblog’ to give my readers the “heads up”!!!!! Glad that it will be recorded as I will have to wait til a later date to view it. Yay, you!!!!!!

  8. I welcome your instructions and ideas. I could never master the stipple for some reason. Always seemed I would get caught in a corner or I “crossed the streams” I am not as rigid about that anymore. Your ideas are novel and fresh.

  9. I’ve been practicing but my mind can’t seem to do more than squiggles, loops, wavy lines or meander. Are some folks just not able to make the brain and hands work together?

    • If you can do those four patterns, you are well on your way! Just keep at it. Soon those motifs will help pattern the brain for new ones. Keep doodling!

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  11. Will we sign on at the AQS site? Do we need to register in advance? Thanks for the announcement. I’ll need to make a doctor appointment that day so I’ll make it for a time so I’ll be home by noon. Priorities.

  12. I too am very pleased for you .Your tutorials are the greatest at the moment i am still doodling.And telling myself i can do this .I am left-handed so it does not come natural for me to start anything from left to right.Take the paper clip you should see the mess i made of that until i changed directions.Lori i wonder if anyone is having the same problem.I love the simplicity of what you show us ,and tell myself you make it so simple a child can do this .Gosh i need to learn how to doodle.I wish you would put out a book ,and make it like your tutorials my name would be first on your list of buyers.

  13. I just love reading your blog each and every day. I just started free motion quilting and have a lot, a whole lot of learning to do. Thanks for all you do.

  14. Lori, I am a big fan of your tutorials but I work on Wednesdays 🙁 Any way to watch it later? Thanks

    • Sorry, I should have read all the comments first before asking about viewing it later. Can’t wait! Still working on spools…..

  15. First, thank you for your wonderful tutorials and second, thank you for validating that not everyone can stipple. I am one of those people can’t “get” stippling and it has frustrated me to the point of tears, OK, now I feel better!

  16. I love your tutorials! You have given me the courage to FMQ. I have made several practice quilts this year out of fat quarters. I practiced the teardrop shaped pattern. It looks great! I put binding on them, and the grandkids have them for doll quilts. Thanks for all you do to teach FMQ.

  17. Congrats on the webinar, Lori! My mystery spools project evolved into a baby “mat” for a friend who is expecting a boy. I put the racecars from your tutorial into the boxes instead of the spools!! I’m very excited about it, although I too am a novice and I’m hoping this friend doesn’t have a lot of relatives who sew really well. I have to say that when I can get over my fear and just try something I am usually pleased with the result. FMQ is more forgiving than one would think!

  18. I’ve been quilting for a long time, but am way too “careful” in my approach. I’m getting more brave now, to free up and free motion. Thanks for your inspiration and motivation to move in new directions, literally !!!

  19. Lori, I could not be more proud of your successes if we were sisters/family. I too hppe the book is spiral bound. So warm (68) in Knoxville, TN today but more snow on the way. Stay safe everyone.

    • Thank you so much! How KIND! And of course, I would not be doing this without all the encouragement I receive from You and others here at The inbox Jaunt!

  20. Congratulations on the webinar and the upcoming book. I love the idea of your book being published with a spiral binding. I have had many of my quilt books bound with spiral bindings at the local office store, it would be great to have it come that way already. Any chance?

  21. Congratulations, Lori…on both the webinar and the book. It’s high time you were getting the recognition and acclaim you deserve. There are many wonderful free-motion bloggers/teachers online but one would be hard-pressed to find one as generous and helpful as you are. You really have the heart of a teacher. After hand-quilting for 37 years I found Leah Day online with her 365 days of fmq. That gave me a good start but it wasn’t until I found the Inbox Jaunt that my free-motion quilting really started to evolve and I saw a marked improvement. Thank you so very much. I fmq each day on my domestic machine and now also have a longarm. I find the exercises apply to both. I can never repay you…but know your efforts are appreciated. Blessings….

  22. What I am learning about FMQ. Ive never been a neat writer, so spacing in swirls and shapes is difficult on paper or with the machine. I get bored quite quickly when I don’t know where I’m going…. Practice practice practice… Perfect practice.
    Because you don’t have to be perfect with stipple, I feel it’s the only one I would include on a project at this time. But this is like kindergarten, keep learning, keep practicing.
    I don’t have that many threads, so I’m also trying some needles and changes in tension on my spool MQ.

  23. Congrats-congrats-congrats. No one deserves the opportunity to be on the big screen more than you! Kathy in WV (comment right above this) said pretty much everything I planned to say. You’re so detail oriented, walking us through every step and taking the time to photograph every step. When you look at things in small parts (step by step) as in life – it becomes more do-able than if you just look at the final outcome. You instill confidence in us.

    I have limited internet use but will definitely try and watch the web cast. To see you in action will be well worth the overage.

    For those who don’t remember – I was SO LUCKY to have won your Christmas tree free motion quilt and I haven’t put it away yet. It is just gorgeous and I look at it every couple days.

    The “stipple thing: – EWWWW I never got the hang of it and know why. I just don’t like the look, even when done properly. You, on the other hand, inspire us as your doodles are so much fun to look at it makes us WANT to do the same.

    Thanks, Lori
    Tavette – S. Fla.

  24. I first learned to stipple when Harriet Hargrave (sp) gave a class in our hometown, about 30 years ago!!! I mastered it pretty quickly, and other meanderings as well, but boy I have been trying my hand at your fun new weekly designs, thinking it shouldn’t be that hard….WRONG…and I am very artsy. (maybe a bit of a perfectionist too,,) but It has been challenging to say the least, lol. I LOVE your designs, and it is truly fun to see what you come up with. Love the owls, they are so popular now, ( they were always one of my fav’, on anything.) About 35+ years ago I made an owl clock in a ceramics class! So “owl” wait to see what cool next design you come up with next lol.

  25. So excited about the webinar and the upcoming book. Will be sure to buy it when available. You are a great inspiration and love the step by step so we really can understand how to reach that final finish. Thank you for all of the designs. Just love them!

  26. All signed up for the webinar, Lori. Looking forward to it! Love the owls – great idea for another thread sampler!

  27. Lori, I am so excited about your webinar! I so wish I could be watching live! It feels like we should all be celebrating together. We have a lot of conference rooms with the ability to watch webinars. Maybe I can reserve a room at work with a TV and log in over lunch!! Really looking forward to seeing it. Congrats!!

  28. Congratulations on your new venture. I know you will be a success. You have inspired so many quilters to go beyond stippling or meandering. High five!

  29. Lori, do you know if the webinar will be taped so that we can watch it later? I won’t be able to watch it live (: I really appreciate all your tutorials! Thanks!

  30. All signed up for the webinar and so excited about your book. Can’t wait to buy a copy!
    The owls are so cute!

  31. I have recently started FMQ on my long arm and I’m trying the flower power on a quilt now . Seems to be going pretty well. Thank you.

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