14 thoughts on “Seamstresses in Fine Art

  1. I can’t help but just sit and continue to stare at this one!!!! My mind makes up all sorts of scenarios (as it does for so many of these posts) and I rarely go to the “official” reading on them……..guess I like my possibilities!!!!! There’s so much going on in this painting!!!! Amazing depth!!!

  2. Rosemary B here:
    They are all focusing on their work, doing a neat and tidy finish.
    …. except that glee filled girl on the end, She is the chatterbox, not paying attention to her project, That would be me…. oh well.
    I do love this painting very much. It has wonderful colors that dance
    Thank you Lori for finding and sharing

  3. A quite day in bed–I love the Saturday “ARTS’ that yiu share Lori. The Gplden’s are enjoying napping with me, whren the music stops they look at me wanting more as do I!
    This painter had a great talent with the “blue colours” there are some tall blue flowers & a couple of dresses that he caught–beautiful; the reds are in so many of his pieces & I’ve noticed that there are books & musical instruments in the majority of his works.
    We love the music–it is very soothing.

    Thank you Lori.

  4. looks like the little or younger girls are not wearing head scarves, but the older are. hmmm wonder if that is a cultural idea, or at what age they would then need to wear head scarves, just wondering??/

    • I noticed in the slide show of his works that all age girls are wearing scarves. Maybe if you are sitting in the shade it is cooler than sitting in the warmer sunshine??

  5. I just stared at it for awhile also. they don’t look like girl scouts but it still reminds me of those days, working on projects together. love it.

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  7. Wow, thank you Lori!! I went to the slide show and fell in love with his art! The colours, lighting and everything are just magic!! And, as you said, the music is just beautiful. It reminds me of when I was little, pre-TV in Australia, and Mum & Dad used to play classical music in the lounge next to my bedroom. I could always ‘see’ the music in colours tooI just loved it! So not only thank you for introducing me to a great artist, but also the wonderful memories of my Mum & Dad.

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