Superior Thread Winners Announced!

Pretty Pin Cushion, Free Motion Quilting

Superior’s Magnifico trilobal polyester thread

Good Morning, Quilters!

Have you seen “The Dress Debate” that’s gone viral?  I’m in the “white and gold” category along with one of my daughters–the rest of the family:  blue and black.

What do YOU see?


Another busy week at The Inbox Jaunt!


We finished the Mystery Quilt on Wednesday (though there is an epilogue next Wednesday).  I found it “Very interesting, my dear Watson” that you were split down the middle- those who prefer to see a quilt before beginning a project and those who prefer the excitement of a mystery.

I agree with both sides…(how diplomatic of me, don’t you think?)  Let me explain…as a quilter, I would prefer to see the finished quilt, though because this project was small with minimal fabric and time commitment, I think I would have participated…

As the author of the project….The Mystery was much more fun!


I really enjoyed hearing how you all feel about electronic readers on yesterday’s post, Are You a Book Worm? I think we are all in the same boat, reluctant, but we have to admit there are advantages.

I loved Brian Dettmar’s (AKA The Book Surgeon)  comment: “Electronic readers allow books to quilt their day jobs and do more important things” (paraphrased)…

I’m just glad we can have BOTH!  I could never give up holding a book in my hands, or the joy of cracking open a quilt book…and then re-thumbing it a million times!


I also found your Goals for 2015 interesting…Definitely a consensus—

  • Finish UFOS
  • Try new Things!


Thank you to all who entered!

The winner of a $25 Superior Threads Gift Certificate (may be used on any thread…) is…


Congratulations, Andrea!  Please send your address to

Remember, there will be a second winner chosen at Superior’s Facebook page….

If you didn’t win…

More giveaways in March!

Happy Stitching!


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13 thoughts on “Superior Thread Winners Announced!

  1. Rosemary B here:
    Oh my, this pin cushion is soooo cute. Well congratulations to sillyAndrea 😀
    Happy Friday Lori and everyone and have a delightful week-end too
    cold and sunny here in No Va

  2. I can see both the white and gold and blue and black! Very weird!! I could not live without my Kindle. I travel a lot and even though I usually go by car, hauling around a bunch of books is heavy!

  3. “The Dress” – I see Light blue and dark greenish brown. So now my question is what color are you wearing in the picture for this site? Is it light blue with a black color?

  4. I also saw white and gold and was amazed when I saw the dress next to the wedding dress and showing the people, so your eyes have something to compare it to. There is a good explanation of what happens here: Even after reading that and seeing the picture of the dress in the other context, where it is clearly blue and black, I can still only see it as white and gold in the original picture. Fascinating!

  5. Hi, Lori! I won the Facebook certificate for King Tut thread from Superior, thank you for the opportunity! I really enjoy your blog and of course, Superior Threads!

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