Are You a Book Worm?

FMQ. Apple and WormAre YOU a Book Worm?

Do you think books and libraries are outdated?

Would you rather read a book or a Kindle?

Brian Dettmar, Book ArtistI think you’ll enjoy this TED talk by artist, Brian Dettmar.

Not only is his art amazing, he offers a unique perspective on the future of books.

FMQ. Apple and WormWhat do YOU think?

We’d love to hear!

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51 thoughts on “Are You a Book Worm?

  1. I love reading on my kindle as I have an attached key board and can read with my hands free, but on the other side there is nothing more comforting than holding a book in my hands. So, I read new books by my favorite authors in book form but pull up a Kindle book when I’m eating or busy knitting.

  2. I do not have a Kindle, I still prefer a “real” book. I have a lot of them and continue to buy them. I own them forever and at a moment’s notice I can read them again, this week or 5 years from now. They sit patiently waiting for me on the shelf, reminding me of their presence should I feel the need to pick one back up and read it again.

    Linda V

  3. I bought an e reader thinking it would help with my storage problem and books would be cheaper. I rarely use it. There is nothing like a actual book and being able to share it with a friend once you have read it.

  4. Lori, The video is amazing! I have loved books my entire life, even worked in a bookstore but almost never took home a paycheck because I spent it all on books! When Kindle came on the scene I was a holdout for years because I love the solid feel of a book. Now that my husband and I travel in our motorhome a good bit, I have a Kindle app for my iphone and love that too. In case you’re wondering, I also take my portable sewing machine and quilting stuff as well. Lol

  5. The Kindle works great for fiction and some light reading, but if I am doing any kind of study or in-depth thinking, I would rather have it in book form so that I can refer back to previous thoughts. I did try one digital quilt book and I really don’t like it!

  6. For me books will always be around while I love the convenience of Kindle (for the portability etc), some books can never be appreciated on a kindle eg. cooking books for instance… Also there is something calming about actually feeling and turning a page that feels so organic something that a kindle can never do I love my books I have way to many on my to read list

  7. I love books to hold and read. I do listen to them as I sew or drive. I don’t like to read on phone as it is too small. I hope to sew each day or do needlework by hand. At night I needlepoint or hand sewing–sewing on bindings or hemming. Love Superior threads and just ordered some this week. Interesting video or ‘book worm’

  8. Before I started quilting I read all the time in the evenings…so the last few years I have not read one book but have paged through quilt books and magazines instead IF I’m not downstairs cutting or sewing that is!. I don’t mind reading on my tablet or phone but don’t even try to take away my bookcase full of books…haha! 🙂 I enjoy several blogs and I take back the not reading one book…I’ve read several to Charlie bear…haha! He loves books! 🙂

  9. I did not think that I would like the e-readers so held out on buying one. Then I won one and love it. It’s so easy to carry around and I find it easier to read in bed. I do prefer magazines and books with pictures/instructions (quilting etc) as reg. books. I do agree that the down side is that you cannot share and pass around the books when finished. I do not think libraries a going anywhere. They are updating them here in Milwaukee and every time I go they are very busy.

  10. I too love to hold and read a book. I find that I actually read more on the Kindle than I do in real books now. They are so easy to digitally check a book out read it and return the book. I seldom use the library as I always seem to miss the due date there.
    Kindle the book is taken back on the due date. I have found that the newest books are so much less to purchase on the Kindle and because we are on a fixed income I needed to cut back on book purchases. Also I have run out of storage space.

  11. I have Nook and use it for fun reading. Mostly fiction no brainier stuff. If I’m going to study I want a book. I still get magazines in print and of course have many quilting books. I like to go thru the pages over and over, turn down the corners etc. As long as they stay in print that is how I will continue to repeat them.

  12. I have always loved to read. Bought the first kindle for my husband. Tried it and decided I needed one. I love it, I read a lot more now that I have the kindle. I take it to all appointments and I read during lunch. So nice to be able to read while sitting with hubby watching war or cowboy shows on TV.

  13. I only read things I can hold in my hand. I know I sound snobbish but to me the only way to really enjoy a book is to hold it in my hand. I don’t like listening to books and since I own over 500 books and a lot I haven’t read yet its too expensive to buy a Nook or Kindle.

    • My phone fits perfectly in my hand and I almost always have it with me, so I can read a few pages while I’m waiting in line anywhere. I thought I would never give up real books. I recently got a paper book from the library because it wasn’t available digitally. It was so big and heavy! The print isn’t smaller on a phone… There are just more pages.

  14. I read books, listen to them (…for instace, when I’m quilting…), and read them on my tablet or ipad. For me, the content is what’s important, not the form in which it’s delivered. My imagination is sparked, my beliefs are challenged, new ideas form in my head, my world is expanded, understanding begins, questions are formed, answers are found, all because I explore the world through the eyes and hearts of the multitude of authors and books that i read or listen to.

  15. Brian Sherman’s work is fascinating. I agree with him in that books will never go away. Just look at how many people here have stated how much they love a physical book. That being said I am partial to reading on my iPad. I own a kindle as well, but it does not do a good job with fine detail like you find in quilting books. Clarity is much better on an iPad. E readers also free me up from the stress of where to store the ever expanding “home library”. Don’t have any more room for books unless I convert my sewing room into a library – not gonna happen! Haha

  16. I love the feel of books and turning the pages, but the convenience of the kindle on my phone is hard to overlook. I always have my next ‘read’ in hand when I am traveling or out and about at appointments and stuck in a waiting room. All my quilting books MUST be on real paper! They are treasures for the ages!

  17. I read as much as I can on my iPad. With access to the library it gives me a great number of books right on my devices.

  18. Not having a Kindle I can’t say anything other than I grew up in a house with 6 bookcases in the living room. At my place I have 3 so no lack of books 🙂 I’ve tried reading the newspaper on my computer but find it hard to navigate. I just want to move the line so I can finish reading it or TURN THAT PAGE.

    In Brian Dettmar’s drawing/painting above I see 3 faces and by the 3rd one there’s a little monkey whispering in the guy’s ear. He’s either whispering or about to take a bite out of the guy’s ear. He doesn’t look too ferocious (spelling?) so let’s hope he’s just passing along a few free motion quilting tips.

    Tavette – S. Fla.

  19. Interesting. But I love holding my book or magazine. Nothing can beat it. But my husband loves reading on his ipad. He loves how you can click on a word to get the definition as you go along.

  20. I live in a family of “tec toy” people but I love the feel, smell, sound, and comfort of a real, paper, turn the page book. Its not the same to curl up on the couch with a cup of tea, my favorite quilt and an ipad as it is to have that real book in my hands 🙂 I’m sure the answer is quite different for the under 40-50 set, and I’m not sure my grandson knows what a real book is for 🙂

  21. He certainly has a vision for those books with his art form. Amazing!! I love reading books in my hand and have been reluctant to go with the e-readers but maybe some day I’ll try.

  22. I am a book worm! I use my iPad, iPhone and regular books. One thing about having the book on my iPhone I always have a book or two with me!

  23. I have a Kindle and an iPad but I still go to the library to get my books. I like the feeling of holding a book and turning pages..maybe someday I will read more on my devices but until then………………………..

  24. I love books but have grown to enjoy my Nook it is so much easier to travel with the Nook and instantly have a new book available. Have to admit I really miss being able to share a good read with friends.

  25. I enjoy reading fiction on my Kindle, but for study books, I NEED the real book, so I can underline, highlight, and write notes in the margins/inside front cover for easy references! And I do request books every 3 weeks from my county Bookmobile!

  26. Brian’s art is amazing! I used to tell my kids that I would never get a Kindle because I liked the feel of a real book. However, I have so many books and no where to put them. I felt guilty for not passing them on. Our small town post office has become a little book exchange. I finally gave in and got a Kindle. Now I use the app on my iPad and love it. I read at least two books a week and no longer have to worry about what to do with them when I’m finished. I’ve also started buying downloadable quilt patterns. I always know where they are and can print them if needed. Love your blog!
    Linda J.

  27. I am a bookworm! It doesn’t matter whether it is format, it’s the ideas. Loved the TED lecture. A true artist – thanks for sharing.

  28. Wow! Technically this is about books as art and books vs. computers, but really it’s so much more. Near the end of the video, when he talks about when Photography became popular and people were worried about painting kind of becoming a “way of the past.” I feel the same about quilting. There are so many mass marketing types of quilts and blankets. Quilting has now become “free” and kind of “quit it’s day job” and be Art now. In addition to warming a body, it also warms the soul.

    I was a Book Worm, but lately free time at home is spent sewing–rarely reading. When traveling however, I am all about the books! I prefer a Kindle because I can take so many books with me on a trip, and they take up so little space. (For instance, I just went to Mexico for a week and read 4 books. I would never have taken that many hard copies with me–they would take up too much space in the suitcase.)

    I do not think books and libraries are outdated, however I do think we’ll see the number of books actually printed in paper copies decline over the next years. Libraries on the other hand have always been a place to find information. I see no reason why that should change.

    I have always been a firm believer that it is more important to know where to FIND information, than to actually memorize it. I am glad to see a movement in this country to change how we are teaching our children, how our schools are set up (factory-style) and what expectations are placed on the young. This belief works its way into this topic as the books/libraries issue is being discussed. The library must remain, but how we use it is ultimately going to change.

    Thanks for sharing this very relevant, beautiful and amazing piece.

  29. What beautiful artwork! Thanks for sharing the TED talk. I LOVE reading and would have once said that I LOVE books. While I love the physical feel of a book, I’ve learned that I get the same wonder experience from reading books. And they are considerably cheaper, which frees more money for fabric:)

  30. I said right from the start – no digital for me! That was until I had knuckle and shoulder surgery last year within a week of each other. I went digital. Yes it was different but for reading the latest mystery or any of the quilting story books I like it. Like many others above for patterns, learning, or the classics – it has to be the sensuous touch of paper! The vid was excellent, what vision that man has – wonderful. I had shoulder surgery this morning, just got home so it is back to the i-pad. I can still read but it will be light reading. I also like that many publishers are offering both hard cover and digital for little more than a digital copy.

  31. I LOVE to read – whether it’s a hard-copy or on an e-reader (which enables me to read at night in the car, without disturbing other drivers!). My only problem is not having enough time to read…
    What an interesting “TED” talk!I know that there are book purists who would cringe at the thought of “destroying” books in this manner, but I’d rather that they’re used than ignored, or worse yet, left to rot in a damp basement. My sister actually has wall-papered a bathroom, using the pages of an old novel – it did occasionally cause problems though – visitors would get caught up reading the story!

  32. I still like a proper book for relaxing at night… my Hubz likes an ereader. but I also like to listen to a book when I am sewing so get the listening books too! our library has a bus that visits my area and it’s fun to go in and peruse and have a chat to the librarian…. we can get the ebooks and cd books through the library so I never buy them anymore… can an ereader ever replace the lovely coffee table books???

  33. I have a Kindle only because my son upgraded his and sold me his old one cheap. I love books. My mother was a librarian. In fact, she was the head librarian of the Library School library at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, at the time of her death. I’ve always had a great respect for the printed page. I’m going kicking and screaming into the digital age. I buy old books and, especially, old children’s books. I love the artistry of the old covers and the illustrations. Lately, I’ve been playing more solitaire and doing more jigsaw puzzles on the Kindle than reading books.

  34. I love both. For ease at the gym, waiting in car for grandchildren to get out of school etc. LOVE the kindle. Sitting in bed reading , I LOVE a book to hold, with pages to turn. And of course we read Quilt books!

  35. I like going to the library. Holding a book in my hands seems very comfortable. I downloaded a book to my I-Pad and I did not feel like reading from it. I guess I am old school.

  36. That was a fascinating video! Truly enjoyable!
    I love books but I also love my Kindle. There’s just no way to have accessibility to my books anytime and any place except digitally. However there’s no better way to enjoy cooking new recipes without carousing through a really good cookbook!

  37. As a crafts person, I love the feel of a good book and the ability to touch it and flip back and forth between pages. I don’t do novels, just woodworking, sewing and quilting books. It has taken some time to get used to e-mags and e-books but now I’m a convert. Any time we travel or spend the weekend at my MIL’s cabin, I have to take something to do and the instructions for it, or something to read. I was lugging tons of books and magazines back and forth and then having to store them at home. Finally, I canceled all my magazine subscriptions, sold the back lot of ’em, and now I am FREE! I’ve learned to scan articles to a PDF and learned how to take a website page and “print” it as a PDF. (Google CutePDF). Now I can take thousands of articles in .pdf form, magazines on line, and books galore all in one small package. And now that I’ve discovered mobile data, I can download new stuff without needing wireless (which is not available at the cabin). OK, so I have been in a couple of situations where my battery has died and I can’t read or DO anything, while my non-techie husband is reading away at his paperback, but I’m adjusting to making sure I have charged my battery, have an extra power source and bring my charger. Still much lighter than all those books. Also, with my aging eyes, I am glad for the ability to enlarge the text!

  38. Know I’m late, but I’m a book person. I use mostly the library, and while e-books are becoming more prevalent there, it just doesn’t seem the same. OTOH, would like to try a Kindle to take advantage of the loads of free books available. Probably wouldn’t buy e-books, as they seem as much or more expensive as books are to buy. Of course, can’t afford to buy many books, but those I do are usually ones I’ve already read and know I will read over and over or nonfiction (e.g., quilting). Can’t put my fingers in two or three places on the computer as I can with books for easy flipping back and forth as I want.

  39. A reader I am but at 60 I have become a Nook addict as it allows me to enlarge the print and is lit. BUT books can never be replaced by elecrltronic readers as far as I am concerned. One must learn to love the written word and how can we teach children that without allowing them to touch and manipulate the pages. For young children pictures say more than words and running their fingers over the words is comparable to quilters fondling fabric. I don’t think we could teach reading without books.
    A liitle humor on this subject. About 3years ago my grandson had a meltdown when his parents were attempting to get him to do a reading assignment on Saturday and said, “who reads a book at home.”. Since then he has become an avis reader. At Thanksgiving he was reading at my house. When I ask if he had aKindle he replied , “Mamaw. I just like the feel of a book.”. So in the words of an 11 year old……some of us need books.
    I never thought I would become a changeover but needs change.

    • I agree…there is nothing like the feel of a book in your hands, but there are real advantages to electronic readers. I was reluctant to get a reader, but now I find there’s room (and time) for both…

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