5 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. Checked out the superior website. Thanks for the link. I am at a Fmq retreat this weekend in Columbus, Ohio and many of their products are favorites amongst the group.

  2. Pleasure to enjoy sparkly glassy things! Lovely..Prevents cabin fever, Huh!…. would love to own that one on upper right. Have a green one like that red one in middle..This has been a tough week..3 demises (sp?) among family and friends,
    Thanks for the peace on Sunday mornings..

  3. I remember you going to this family owned glass shop and that you bought one of their glass balls. It would be hard to decide which to choose they were all so beautiful. I’m always happy to know the fine art of glass blowing is being passed on to the younger generation.

    Even if it’s snowing and you can’t go outside, the light shining through beautiful pieces of glass should brighten anyone’s day.

    Thanks to you – you’re sharing your talent by passing along the finer points of free motion quilting to us all. Ever since finding your site – meandering has become a bad word. It’s so utterly boring whereas your free motion is just amazing. It’s like the difference between a plastic sun catcher and a beautiful glass one.

    Keeping with the glass theme, if anyone is escaping to South Fla. in the next 2 months, there’s a Chihuly exhibit at Fairchild Gardens in Miami. His bigger than life glass creations adorn the gardens and waterways and will be there through April or May (check Fairchild’s web). Even if you’re not into his type of art, you absolutely MUST be in awe of what it took to create them. How in the world do they ship his glass works to all parts of the world? One of life’s great mysteries.

    With temps in the 30’s we thought even we would freeze here in Fla. but for the next week it’s going to be in the high 70’s – YAH. Come on down and thaw out – we love tourists.

    Tavette – S. Fla.

  4. Dear Lori,
    Your silent Sunday picture reminds me of the glass balls made from volcanic ash after the eruption of Mt. St. Helens. They were so beautiful and were many different colors. We humans are so resourceful………makes me think of all the scraps of fabric and thread just waiting to be sewn together into some magnificent works of art. All over the world, according to the answers sent to you from your readers!
    Have a good Sunday.

  5. Interesting that this picture should be your choice for today. I’ve spent my spare time for the last week with my nose glued to the screen watching what has been going on at the: http://museumofglass.org/ . They have a live feed, or you can watch the archives, to see what is going on. I had a lovely chat with one of the employees about bringing their mobile Hot Shop to a future gathering, but it is too expensive for our meager budget.

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