I’m in the Dog House

Australian Shepherd, QuiltRuby and Roxie are MAD!

Seems my two Australian Shepherds, Ruby and Roxie have been reading The Inbox Jaunt and saw the free motion quilt tutorial on cats

Australian Shepherd, QuiltNOT COOL!

The Cool Cat, Free Motion QuiltingNeither dog will even look at me!

Australian Shepherd, Quilt

Australian Shepherd, QuiltGood News!  I have a plan that should get me out of the dog house AND help clean my sewing room at the same time.



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25 thoughts on “I’m in the Dog House

  1. Ohoh…. I think a dog-candy (Sorry, I don’t know the English word for German ‘Leckerli’) could help. ;P
    The cat looks fantastic and I would like to know how to quilt it.
    Greetings from Germany, Rike

  2. Love your dogs! I tried to use the link for Log Cabin quilting but kept returning to home page . Looked for something in tutorials. Was looking for some inspiration other then SITD.

  3. I can’t’ wait! I have a fourteen year old girl, (mix bread) that I would love to make a quilt for. And three grand dog for future project. Love your art!


  4. two very cute puppies….. mine is 13 years young and with this cold winter is not as active as usual. it is -10 degrees on Grand Island NY. this morning… another perfect day to work on my fmqing…. fire up the machine, and lets get going!

  5. You better do something quick! LOL! Are we making dog pillows!!! Dog blankie’s?! I’m sure it’ll be fun and cute no matter what it is. 🙂 Have a good Monday…we’ve had beautiful weather…old man winter showed up this morning though! Brrr!

  6. Glad to hear you have a plan… you need something and quick! Dog house is no place to be for a FMQ teacher ! And since it looks like R and R are in your house, they have the best deal !

    • R & R are gorgeous animals…you are blessed…I made afleece bed blanket for Belle, our son’s Aussie, a few years ago. She is gone and we all still miss her.

  7. Rosemary b here:
    Oh those girls are steamed! I see it. I love my kitty boys Miles and Pierro, and I fully understand this equal opportunity dilemma. Get to it, missie.
    Happy Monday.

  8. Oh I can’t wait. Since joining in with the mystery quilt along you have given me so much confidence with my fmq – thank you. I too live with dogs – 2 leonbergers and a dachshund and have been thinking about some canine fmq motifs. Thanks so much for all of your inspiration. Happy sewing.

  9. I have sewn many of my practice FmQ exercises into a large mat, stuffed it with my quilting scraps, and will give it to a “grand”dog! Be fun to practice the cats and dogs…

  10. Makes me happy to know another quilter with aussie dog love! I’ve been considering trying thread painting a picture of my older blue merle, Joey, but having a dog motif to quilt in the border sounds awesome!

  11. Such pretty girls. Good thing they haven’t taken a bite out of your —- parts. If this project requires little fabric trimmings, I can donate so they have wonderfully soft, fluffy beds. Good thing my feline just went out for his AM constitutional (we don’t have that white stuff six feet deep). He’s been pining for the green quilt mama promised before Christmas.

  12. Love your dogs! That would be wonderful if you had a dog tutorial! A Westie one would be especially terrific!!

  13. They’re living the good life – who wouldn’t want to be laying on that beautiful hand made quilt? But something has upset them if they’re not talking. Australian Shepards are pretty active dogs so the snow has probably put them in the dol-drums. So – as humans do – they take it out on the ones they love.

    Oh yes – once they see you doing some doggy stitching they’ll feel better. They don’t want to think mom’s “going over to the dark side” – cats. It’s interesting how animals can’t speak English but they sure can get their point across. I’m happy – I’m unhappy, etc. Give them a tummy rub and a big squeeze from me.

    Tavette – S. Fla.

  14. Hey Lori, don’t forget us in Aussie Land too! Where also here watching, practising and learning! We love what you do and I certainly don’t think Rosie and Ruby will ever forget you because you are the hand that feeds them! They will certainly forgive the occasional C. A. T. cat mentioned sewing project!!!! Hee hee he!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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