10 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. I love your Silent Sunday photos! You have a great eye and always leave me thinking. Thanks for sharing!

  2. That is pretty cool! There is beauty everywhere! Love the cute heart header! Hope you are getting some of this gorgeous weather…it has been unreal here.

  3. Yep – gates make for lots of inspiration. It sure does look like an owl (eyes mentioned by Phyllis above) and it even has feet. Europe has the best gates, of course, but if you drive through the “better” neighborhoods it’s fun to drive real slow and take in the beauty of the gates they’ve had specially designed. Just don’t get picked up for being a stalker if you whip out your camera. 🙂

    The little blue jagged designs directly below the eyes are also interesting. On the right I see a small witch (crouching down -facing right – can see the brim of her hat and her arms in back of her as if holding poles) skiing down the slopes of Colorado and on the left a shark (facing left) with a really big fin and a funny looking nose.

    The black jags just below that look like half faces pointing inward. Guy on the right is wearing a hat and guy on the left has a huge chin. Oh – the biggest thing – the priestess (in black) – pointy thing at top of the eyes is her headwear, moving downward to her wide shoulders, into her svelte body w/long slender legs, slightly outstretched arms (fabric hanging from her wrists) , Seeing all this after only one cup of coffee 🙂

    Even on Sundays you bring us things of beauty which encourage us to examine the details and think – thanks for doing that.

    Your heart border is SO pretty. It’s a great border for Valentines Day as well as many other love events – weddings, anniversaries, birthdays. It sends a message without even saying a word. I’ll be saving a copy of that for sure.

    Tavette – S. Fla.

  4. Another awesome image to use for free motion quilting. Heartfelt thanks, Lori, for all the inspiration and tutorials you share. Greatly appreciated! Happy Valentine’s, and have a magical week!

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