Sewing Footballs

Vanessa Taylor, Football Quilt

Vanessa Taylor, Football Quilt

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

For those of you who consider quilting your Sport-of-Choice…

I thought you might enjoy this quilt stitched by our friend, Vanessa Taylor.  (aka Ness–a frequent commenter at The Inbox Jaunt.)

Vanessa Taylor, Football Quilt

Vanessa Taylor, Football Quilt

Ness quilted this darling “Touchdown” quilt by Cluck, Cluck, Sew for her six year old nephew, Orrin.  (Lucky, boy!)

Vanessa Taylor, Football Quilt

Ness used The Football free motion quilt tutorial (from The Inbox Jaunt)  HERE.

Looks, great Ness!

Vanessa Taylor, Football Quilt

You can follow Ness on Instagram (more football photos) at swedie1961.


Wilson Footballs

You might also like to read about the woman who sewing REAL footballs for the NFL HERE.


Whether you are cheering for The Patriots or The Seahawks, just watching the commercials, or spending the time in you sewing room….

Hope you enjoy this unofficial American holiday!


(Go Budweiser Pups!)

PS…All images are the property of Vanessa Taylor and are used with permission.




15 thoughts on “Sewing Footballs

  1. Very appropriate quilt for today! Reading my AQS magazine, and so pleased to see another cool free motion from Lori! I was reading the article and thought those pictures look really familiar. LOL

  2. Lori this was awesome, I feel special…. Thank you! And thanks for the great tutorials and friendship.
    Hugs! Ness

  3. Loved the sewing footballs story! Just imagined there was some old machine the spit them out left and right… So touching it was part of one lady’s life!

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