Seamstresses in Fine Art

Child Sewing

A Child Sewing

Robert Barnes, Girl Sewing

Robert Barnes (1840-1945)


NOTE-Contrary to “Seamstresses in Fine Art” tradition, I was unable to find any biographical information on Mr. Barnes.  If there are any sleuths out there who can find information…we’d love to read more about these adorable images.

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  1. I look forward to this posting about seamstresses in fine art each week. I had no idea that so many artists in our history portrayed those who created with needle and thread. I wonder how the contemporary artist will portray the long arm seamstress?
    Thank you for sharing this feature with us.

  2. I guess stitchers and painters are a good pairing because the sitter, at least, may be nearly as occupied as the painter. Such fun to study the paintings–one child sits in a fine home, the other in a simple one but both girls look bored and the first looks nearly asleep! Thank you for finding these!

  3. A little more, but not related to the pieces you posted

    ROBERT BARNES, ARWS (1840-1895): Exhibited A Merry-Go-Round on the Ice in London, Royal Society of Painters in Watercolours1888, no. 309. Barnes is recorded as a painter of genre, figures and landscape. He exhibited at the Royal Academy and Old Society of Painters in Watercolours (OWS)

  4. What lovely images! Ring true for every Granny I am sure! Done some sleuthing but got stuck down rabbit holes. Then deleted it! Best I could find was a description of him as a ‘domestic painter who was chosen to illustrate the first publication of Thomas Hardy’ novel The Mayor of Casterbridge. This was for Graphics Publications here in UK, I think.
    That ties in for me with the details in the painting , the sleeping cat , the tangled feet, and the looks of concentration.
    Its a bright frosty day here in Scotland , so I think I am off now to tidy my sewing room , currently full of winter sunshine,… inspired by these two wee bairns!
    Thanks for the nudge!..inspiring ,as usual!!

  5. How precious are these two paintings… would love to hang them on my sewing room wall. Also to visit England and Scotland, home of my forefathers….What a treat to hear from ladies who live there.

  6. Rosemary B here:
    These girls look nothing like me when I was a kid. 😀
    I was usually trampling around playing in woods and creeks – such a carefree life.
    This girl is actually being productive. Perhaps making a dress for her doll, or mending something

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