12 thoughts on “Seamstresses in Fine Art

  1. Rosemary B here:
    Happy Saturday Lori. I hope you have sunshine like we do.
    This photo is beautiful! This girl looks confident in her task!

  2. Wow…the 17 hundreds…can’t even imagine. !!! Seems like all the movies depic a dreary cold time. And they had funny names.
    Thanks Lori of Stillwater.

  3. Thank you again Lori! She does have an amused direct gaze with her green eyes and red hair. How modern is she?! Loving children, I wonder at her age–late grammar early middle school?

  4. Lori, just an unrelated question… I am looking at the Pfaff Powerquilter 16.0, wonder what you think. I’ve played with it lots, love it.

    • Hi Terry, I really don’t know anything about the Pfaff Powerquilter. My only advice: Make sure you like the dealer, because if you need any help, it will be the dealer you work through.

      • Lori, thanks for the reply. I’ve been doing my best to learn to quilt on my home machine, but this one I mentioned is so much easier! If I can get 24 months, 0% interest, might do it. And yes, I know the dealer…make models for their shop.

  5. such a joyful painting. could almost see her jumping out of the picture and chatting away. Thank-you for bringing so much delight this weekend. Enjoy your week. I am enjoying all your posts this year. Love the idea of a mystery whole cloth project too.

  6. Oh, how sweet! Such innocence. Great painting. Thanks, Lori, for bringing this delightful picture to us.

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