The 12 Essentials: Sewing Machine Appreciation Month

Sewing Machine Motif, Free Motion QuiltingGood Morning, Quilters and Quilt-Lovers!

I hope you are busy working on your Mystery Quilt?!

Take your time.  Use your practice sandwiches until you feel comfortable…YOU can do this.


Readers of The Inbox Jaunt have two favorite pages…

The Tuesday Tutorial, Free Motion Quilt Page…and

Twelve Essential Skills Every Quilter Must Know.


As promised, I will be offering extra information each month on each of The Essential Skills.

In January, we will emphasize Essential Skill #1:

“Know Your Sewing Machine”

I think you will greatly enjoy these two videos explaining a little history of The Sewing Machine

as well as an excellent demonstration the precision required to form THE PERFECT STITCH

Great video HERE of the rotary hook (30 seconds)–from Generation Quilt Patterns.

Even better:  9 minute video:  Secret Life of Machines:  The Sewing Machine (NOTE-this video ends abruptly, but all the info you need is in this first video.)



PS…Tutorial of the above sewing machine quilt coming soon

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14 thoughts on “The 12 Essentials: Sewing Machine Appreciation Month

    • Congratulations on the new grandbaby! So happy for you! I recommend that you slow down and practice working in both directions!

  1. Rosemary B here:
    It is sewing machine appreciation month? I did not know, and here we are 15 days in.
    I think I will have a party. Bake a cake, perky music, and certainly sewing on all of my machines!
    This video is one of the best visuals I have seen!

  2. Cool! They’re both good videos…explains a lot. Did you get your 820 tension issues worked out? Something underneath is cutting my thread when I chain piece…frustrating! Going to take it apart and examine now that I kind of know what’s going on under there…haha! 🙂

  3. This information is a must for anyone who uses a sewing machine! Learning how my machine worked was invaluable to me when I was having issues with my thread breaking while free motion quilting. I was scrambling to finish three quilts before Christmas, and I didn’t have time to take my machine in for service, so I searched the web to see what I could figure out. I found the same videos, and after watching them a couple of times, I realized that my tension was off enough that the thread loop was not forming correctly. Once I corrected that issue, I was off and running again, and I was able to finish everything on time. Knowing how to problem solve stitch issues has made quilting that much more fun!

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  5. I am so glad to have seen those videos. The way a machine stitches has always been a mystery to me. Amazing invention! Thanks for the links.

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