The Sand Dollar-A Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

The Sand Dollar, Free Motion QuiltingGood Morning, Quilters!

With temperatures dipping below zero in Minnesota, and schools closed because of extreme weather, perhaps a little “Sea Shore” Quilting will help warm our thoughts (if not our tootsies!)

For the next few weeks we will be working on a variety of sea shell inspired motifs.  Each of these patterns, are pretty enough to use on any quilt-not just Nautical or Summer Quilts.

The Sand Dollar free motion quilt motif can be used as a border (see below) or as an all-over or fill pattern.


If stitching the motif as a border, draw two lines or “rails” to keep the motif tidy.  (Or use the seam lines of the border as guidelines.)

Stitch a spike at an angle and echo stitch back.

The Sand Dollar, Free Motion QuiltingStitch two more “spikes” at an angle into the Sand Dollar.

The Sand Dollar, Free Motion QuiltingStitch along the bottom line several stitches beyond the spikes.

Curve up around the spikes.

The Sand Dollar, Free Motion QuiltingStitch up two stitches:

The Sand Dollar, Free Motion QuiltingThen echo stitch back to the bottom line.

The Sand Dollar, Free Motion QuiltingStitch over a few stitches, then add three more spikes for the next Sand Dollar.

The Sand Dollar, Free Motion QuiltingKeep adding in this way to create the border.

To create a Fill or All-over pattern, echo stitch over the Sand Dollar to the next layer and add a Sand Dollar in the groove between Sand Dollars.

The Sand Dollar, Free Motion QuiltingAdd a third echo stitch line over any of the Sand Dollars to change directions…

This will make more sense as you stitch.

The Sand Dollar, Free Motion QuiltingThat’s it–The Sand Dollar-the first of our Sea Shell Series.  Each one will stand alone–or we will be able to combine them for a very interesting and complex design.


Last week was Week One of the Mystery free motion quilt-a-long.  Read more HERE.

Tomorrow–we begin stitching!  (We’ll be talking about thread before we start tomorrow…)

See you then!


Lori and Sally      (Sally of seashore fame)

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19 thoughts on “The Sand Dollar-A Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

  1. Rosemary B here:
    Lori, this is just beautiful. I love this idea and can imagine very well the application of this design.
    Thank you for sharing this today
    Stay warm.

  2. I love the sand dollars! Thanks so much for sharing. Can’t wait to see more……Off to start doodling so I can add this to my quilt!!!

  3. Your timing for these motifs (this and yet to come) is perfect, as I will be making an “ocean” colored/theme quilt in the coming weeks and was already thinking of possible stitching patterns!!!!! Perfect!!!!!!

  4. This is such a pretty motif Lori! I pinned it! In fact half of my pins on that board are from you. Maybe I should rename the board “Lori Kennedy Quilting”. LOL

  5. I just love your sand dollars. I am so happy to have found your site! You keep me so pumped to quilt! Can’t wait to start this series, and your Mystery!?

  6. I wait with bated breath for Tuesday’s tutorial and now I am so excited about the Mystery!!!! I have everything waiting…

  7. I love your quilting, and although these are done on as a freemotion, sewin machine vs long arm design, I have been able to do some of your designs on the Longarm. I don’t always comment, but these are just TOO CUTE>

  8. This series is just perfect for the beach themed quilts I am just starting. Great timing! I already love the sand dollars.We find lots of them on our beach.

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