Let it Snow!


Good Morning, Quilters and Quilt Lovers!

I’m sad to say Christmas and the Holiday Season is officially over…back to work…back to school…

It was a great season and I’m sure we all enjoyed the extended time with family…

However…the end of Christmas means ONE THING…


The house is cleaned and clear of all the decorations.…

No one wants us to cook or bake for a while…

Okay…there ARE a few exercise goals to address….(30 minutes should suffice…)


We don’t care about the weather…we will be tucked away in our sewing rooms…

I’m really excited about a new project for all of us…

Coming Wednesday….

The Inbox Jaunt’s

First Ever


A little something YOU’RE SURE TO LOVE …with a few built-in lessons along the way!

Snowman Free Motion Quilting

So clean your sewing room…

See you tomorrow for a Tuesday Tutorial to get you warmed up!


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36 thoughts on “Let it Snow!

  1. Oooh! That’ll be fun!!!!!!!!! I have to go out today in this cold and snow and blowing snow :-(. But, we are getting together to work on quilts for our chemo unit at the local hospital, so as soon as I get there, we’ll have fun LOL. Have a busy week, but want to make time for this project for sure!!! Thanks for all the fun stuff you provide for us to enjoy and learn!!!

  2. Your snowman is just too cute!! And, of course, the snowflakes I love! Looking forward to what the New Year has in store (especially “quilty-wise”!). I’ve pretty much gotten passed the holiday stuff and really MUST get back to reality with “food intake” (it’s been waaaaay too much fun!!!!!)….LOL!

  3. Yay !! I am so excited about the quilt along! So fun! I need to get home or something to sew with quick. My machine here has been broke down for a week! ARG! I’ve been hand quilting on a cute piece of fabric for a sewing bag. Sore finger!!! Need to toughen up!

  4. Happy New Year, Lori! A Mystery Quilt-A-Long sounds like fun! I used you Snowflakes as background filler for a number of Christmas items – looks fantastic. Thanks for all the great ideas!

  5. Rosemary B here:
    Good morning and Happy New Year to you Lori.
    One by one (starting with my 91 year old momma) all of us got knocked down with the flu. It is spreading like fire here on the east coast. So we had our Christmas gathering last night.
    I am looking forward to this new year. I have a lot of challenges this year and I am just going to lean on my Good Father to guide me.

    You always inspire and encourage. That is truly a gift. I am excited to learn all that you have to share.

  6. I have never participated in a mystery “thingie”, but this one has caught my eye and I’ll be joining you.

  7. Happy New Year! I am very excited! But first I have do get a two day winter driving trip done. Heading back to Vancouver Island from Jasper! One more thing to look forward to after our days skiing on our own mountain. Can’t wait this is the year I am going to get the rest of my quilt tops done! Then can call them Quilts!

  8. I love the idea of a Quilt along—makes a project seem possible —kind of like losing 2 lbs a week—— :>
    Would you give me permission to print your photo from yesterday for my office? Happy Winter. It is 2 degrees today in Chicago-I’m sure you could claim colder weather in MN?

    • Chicago is in the national news for the cold snap…Funny because it’s colder here…
      I’d be honored if you’d print the berry photo. I will send you a full size JPEG. (the blog photos are too small to print well)

  9. LOri, You are so encouraging! I plan to follow along with this new challenge. Last year was filled with all sorts of challenges that were not fun. But, those things are behind me and I look forward to a year of quilting challenges and progress with projects. I have a calendar to help keep me on track. One of the on going projects is to be sure that I always have hand work ready so that when I sit to watch the news or other things I can stitch. I love redwork and I love hand applique-so here’s my opportunity. I plan to spend a minimum number of hours in my sewing room each day-no matter what. More hours will be great but there is a minimum to stick with. Part of that time is learning time-not necessarily project completion. So, I’m excited to begin.

  10. I can’ t wait for Tues!! I truly appreciate all of your tutorials, you are both amazingly gifted AND amazingly generous with your help, inspiration, and knowledge! Thanks again, and I will see you tomorrow…

  11. Ah…snowmen and snowflakes. So cooling! Here in Australia we have 40 degrees C and bushfires. I retreat to my sewing room with the aircon and dream of a white Christmas. Happy new year!

  12. Yay.. looking forward to this is this going to be a quilt? or should we cut squares?…can you tell I’m excited 🙂 I’m new to this BUT willing to bite the “thread” and go for it! Your quilting is just so beautiful..

  13. Happy New Year! Love the idea of mystery quilt along. My resolution this year is to practice a little bit of FMQ every day. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas and encouragement.

  14. So excited to start the new mystery quilt! I made no resolutions this year, since they have never worked before. I have started a revolution instead! Revolting against people who interfere with my quilting and crafting time!

  15. Lori I’m new to the form and have been looking at your fmq and I’m looking forward to starting the mystery quilt have never done one you are very talent lady and so glad to see you using a sewing machine to FMQ it is great that we can all follow along and learn so much along with gaining the knowledge to try it out

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