YOUR Favorites of 2014



Yesterday we looked at YOUR favorite free motion quilt tutorials.

Today:  YOUR favorite Silent Sundays, Seamstresses in Fine Art, and Paper Pieced patterns:


I noticed a trend with the free motion tutorials–all your favorites were flowers.

The trend continues with Silent Sunday photos–your top three favorites were flowers!

Apricot Poppies

Spring Flowers

YOUR favorite Seamstresses were Eric Bowman’s “Mending”

Eric Bowmen, Mending

and Norman Rockwell’s “Man Helping His Wife”

Rockwell, Man helping his wife

YOUR Favorite paper piecing patterns(Thank you, Peggy!) were:

Bride at The Window--based on a photo of my daughter at her wedding in May.

Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 7.48.31 AMFireworks

Paper Pieced Fireworks, QuiltTOMORROW

YOUR favorite  quilt of 2014 and

YOUR favorite posts of ALL TIME--(I’ll admit I was a bit surprised…and will adjust my blogging schedule to accommodate more of this next year!)

Can YOU guess???

Hope you are stitching today…


PS…All tutorials, images and information are the property of Lori Kennedy at The Inbox Jaunt and are intended for personal use only.  Feel free to pin, share, tweet with attribution to The Inbox Jaunt.  For all other purposes, please contact me at  Thanks!



13 thoughts on “YOUR Favorites of 2014

  1. The flower theme really doesn’t surprise me too much. I’m not a big ‘gardener’ but flowers appeal, and show up, in many of my fabrics, quilting motifs and things I like. I’m sure I contributed to those top choices, too!! LOL!

  2. I want to thank you for all the great tutorials, the beautiful pictures of your “Silent Sundays” and “Seamstresses”. You’ve given me so much inspiration and confidence this past year!!
    I hope 2015 will be a wonderful year for you and your family!!!

  3. Yep…I still love all of those! Especially Norman Rockwell and that bride pic was just beautiful and ok the flower pics are so pretty…the colors in the petals are so amazing to me.
    I hope the “all time fave” is not the stitched finger! and that you are not planning to do more. haha! Not funny…ouch!
    In FL for a couple weeks…missing out on the frigid weather back home! Working on a quilted sewing bag today…so cute! Stay warm!

  4. Although flowers seems to be my favorite too as I find them the easiest, I also feel the need to branch out so I would love to see other ideas this year. I enjoy the combo patterns a lot. Anything you do is always fun to try my hand at.

  5. Merci pour cette belle année partagée avec vous toutes
    Bonne année 2015 et meilleurs vœux
    Soyez Heureux

  6. HAPPY NEW YEAR LORI & may your brain continue to listen to your musings.
    Although I have “radiation brain” I am surprised at the amount of your sharings I have retained–a big step.
    Thank you.

  7. Thanks for all you do in keeping your blog interesting and informative – best wishes for the New Year 2015 🙂

  8. I’m a newcomer to your blog but read it faithfully, now. I used some of your flower quilting patterns in a quilt, too! I’d love to stand over your shoulder and watch you at work. Thanks for the inspiration and excellent instructions! You’ve pushed many of us to a new level!

  9. Thank you for being an inspiration to beginners as well as seasoned quilters. Happy New Year and keep those tutorials coming!

  10. I look so forward to your emails. Please keep them coming. I don’t think I have a favorite, they are all so wonderful. You are such an inspiration and I don’t know how you get so much completed.

  11. I did not enter a comment. Too late, but I want a voice….I absolutely loved some paintings that you posted of paintings that had flags flying from buildings. My memory may not be totally accurate, but it was colorful and felt patriotic. Thanks for the posts. I do look forward to them.

  12. Thanks for all of your work in 2014- Looking forward to 2015!
    I have a question for one of your “Open Line” discussion days. I would love to get advice about making a raffle quilt—everything from what brings the most interest(and $) related to size, design and color. Any advice about coordinating people who are able to assist…. this could be an entire book— is there one?

  13. I love the flower designs because they show us the details up close and personal ! Whether it is photography or FMQ, they are a joy. I also like to study them because they are the hardest for me. The straighter lines and simpler ones are not so much.
    But sad to say, my 3 yr. old sewing machine has now been in the shop for the 6th time in 14 months and still not repaired. I cannot spend more on repair visits. We are in dilemma as to the direction to take now. It has my extension table, walking foot, darning foot, etc. Thus no sewing for awhile except on my old only straight and zigzag machine. .I don’t mean to complain but this has been source of tears and
    strain on the budget. My former machine gave me not one minute’s problem in 27 years at which the motherboard went for a nap and never woke up. I have 5 lap quilts planned for 2015 for family…. fabric is bought.We also have 2 weddings coming up as the Christmas season inspired the young ones to get engaged. Loving to sew every day is my passion and hope this situation can be remedied soon.My dream? The company would come get their machine and give me all the $$ back but that is their nightmare and is not going to happen.!. LOL Ok New Years Resolution: Be of good cheer no matter what! Thank you for this place to go! It holds an education and is a solace and full of fellowship.

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