Open Line Friday and Giveaway Winner!

Good Day Quilters!

Less than a week until Christmas.  Is the shopping complete at your house?

I still have to buy the  Stocking Stuffers—my kids favorite part of Christmas.

For the past two years I have recommended Stocking Stuffers for Quilters:

Free Motion Quilted Ornament

Stocking Stuffers for Quilters 2013


Stocking Stuffers fro Quilters 2012

This year, I’d like to hear what YOU recommend.

What do YOU want in your “Quilter’s Stocking”?

We’d LOVE to hear!

The (loose) parameters

  • Less than $30
  • Small enough to fit in a stocking.
  • Quilt or Sewing related
  • Non-sewing items that quilters would love.


Thank you to THE NEARLY 2000 PEOPLE who entered the Huge Christmas Giveaway here at The Inbox Jaunt.

I would particularly like to thank all the people who posted on Flickr.  I hope to do a lot more on Flickr in 2015.  I think it is THE BEST way to showcase YOUR work and to share ways the Tuesday Tutorials can be used on pieced quilts.

Please take a moment to see the quilts already there and sign up for The Inbox Jaunt Quilt Guild while you’re there.

Christmas Tree Sampler Quilt GiveawayCONGRATULATIONS 

Without further ado…the Winner of the Christmas Tree Sampler quilt (Yes, it has binding on it now!)…A copy of American Quilter magazine-2 yards of Robert Kaufman, Kona fabric, and 5 spools of 12 wt Sulky cotton…

Tavette from South Florida! (Tavette, please send your address to me at

If you didn’t win….MANY more winners in 2015!

Merry Christmas,


PS..All tutorials, information and images are the property of Lori Kennedy at The Inbox Jaunt and are intended for personal use only.  Feel free to re-blog, Pin, Tweet with attribution to The Inbox Jaunt.  For all other purposes, please contact me at  Thanks!




23 thoughts on “Open Line Friday and Giveaway Winner!

  1. I still have sewing and shopping to complete. Family arrives Sunday for the start of our celebration. For my quilting stocking stuffers I would recommend Best Press, Kia rotary cutter, 1/4 foot for the new quilter, thread, and chocolates. I know there is more! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I look forward to 2015 blogs.

  2. Lori, Thanks for the wonderful designs this year. Looking forward to the coming year’s designs and more. One of my goals for this coming year, will be to complete most of my UFO’s and start practising FMQ in earnest! So get ready for all my crappy attempts at your designs. Keep safe if travelling. God bless and thank you again.

  3. Great stocking stuffers would be Quilter’s Wand by Studio 180 Quilt Design or a Tucker Trimmer by Studio 180. I would also enjoy silk thread to quilt with, a small, sharp scissor or thread snips (even if you have them, you can never find them), fat quarters, and last a Gift Certificate to my favorite quilt shop.

  4. Hello Lori. I’m enjoying your blog immensely. Can always use more blades for the rotary cutter, a new pair of snippers, a bunch or Aurifil thread, especially some of the specialty thread, sewing machine needles in lots of sizes and flavors. Fat quarter packs and jelly rolls are also welcome.

  5. Congratulation to Travette! For my stocking I’d love new quilting gloves, some gorgeous Sukly thread, more bobbins for my machine, some chocolates to keep me company while sewing, and another package of the cheater needles to hide my quilting tails. Merry Christmas to everyone!

  6. I seldom get stocking stuffers for quilting/sewing from my family (men!), but my sister always sends me sewing machine needles. I piece with size 75/11, and quilt with topstitch or quilting needles 80/12. I love new threads, and they are perfect to give aways. I love my stilleto while sewing. And a small ruler to have handy is right next to my scissors. Anything new is always fun, too.

  7. I used to have a lanyard with a retractable ring that I put my small scissors and brass stiletto on. I’d like another.
    Lori, thank you for sharing your favorites with the 2012 link. I do have and like some of the same notions.
    I recently bought a pretty 2 toned magnetic metal “pin” that is worn. (Strong magnet goes inside of clothing). The metal is in the form of a quilt block, about 2X2. I saw it in Connecting Threads. Hope this isn’t too much detail, but is for securely holding pins and needles; It will also even hold those scissors and stiletto!
    A recent find too is a quilt pattern laminated in plastic, about 4″ by 5″. I’m not home and don’t know the brand, but it took 1 yd each of three fabrics. It was super easy and
    looks quite impressive, for only using two sizes of blocks.
    Charm packs are versatile, inexpensive and fun.
    Blessings and Merry Christmas to all!

  8. Our stocking stuffers are toiletries and snacks.
    A friend of mine does name exchange for stockings…makes it easier on her.

  9. I love stocking stuffers, but my husband sucks at stuffing it! I would love small scissors and a seam ripper (I’m forever losing those two things), new blades for the rotary cutter, Thread, hot chocolate, bobbins (I never have enough bobbins). Great question.

  10. Congrats Tavette!! (you know Lori is just sucking up so she can come stay with you this winter- Bahahaha!) Just kidding! Umm…can I come too? haha! I’m glad for you and that was a fun giveaway Lori! I am sewing up a storm trying to get done for Christmas…my favorite sewing time of year! Merry Christmas everyone!
    Oh the stocking…I want it all…love every gadget, gizmo, thingy and whoopdeedoo!!!!

  11. Please stuff my stocking with fat quarters and rotary blade replacements so I can keep on cutting!!!! Lov e your Christmas fmq designs, Lori!!! Congrats to Tavette!!

  12. I usually purchase most of my own stocking stuffers! This year? a travel iron, I LOVE my That Purple Thang (I stash them in many places around the houes and in my going-to-class bucket), small Olfa 1X6 ruler. I also added a screwdrier with interchangeabke heads for my class bucket. I am sure to find more before the big day…

  13. Oooh, great question. Mine would include rotary blades, thread, fat quarter bundles, and new pins. My favorite must have gadget is a binding finishing tool from Missouri Star Quilting Company.

  14. Yay, Tavette. Congratulations! Lori, thanks for nudging me to try to get back on Tumblr. Once upon a time I had an account there, and a Yahoo mail, but I didn’t like Yahoo as much as Gmail, so I sort of let that one slide. When I tried to get back on, it told me it had been deleted. 🙁
    But I kept trying, and somehow got on, and found all the pictures I had posted there, were still there. It made me happy. Thanks for following me, I think I will try to add more there.
    Have a great day, and once again, Congrats to Tavette.
    Merry Christmas to all

  15. I would add glue tips that screw on Elmer’s washable glue bottles. Glue binding has changed my binding life as well as other temporary holds. Glide thread, electric seam ripper, tiny iron, a fine pointed awl, magnetic bowl, painters tape, organ titanium needles, fabric glue stick-small diameter.

  16. On a borrowed computer today as mine died … Ladies, I was always losing my seam ripper and nippers until I decided they were AS (more? LOL) important as my car keys…I have 3 more seam rippers now and keep them on cutting table, on ironing board, by my machine and by my chair I sit it to hand sew. Also I need some advice
    on the FMQ on the quilt I am making for Spouseman for Christmas… where do we write for advice? Thanks…Merry Christmas and blessings, everyone,

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