12 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. Add my name to the memories list. Starting teaching business education in ’72 when typing was taught on manuals with no letters on the keys!!! When I go into stores and see the cashiers “hunting and pecking,” I really cringe!

  2. Oh! I remember this! I don’t remember what the back looked like but those keys, I can even feel what they felt like when pressed down. Memories……

  3. Love the photo. Another vintage item gone the way of the rotary dial phone.

    Love your column in the Jan ’15 American Quilter! I have a quilt top finished a couple of years ago, waiting for the right quilting design to come along for the plain blocks, and the square flowers are perfect! Your tutorials are wonderful, thank you for sharing your time and talents with us.

  4. My pastor was speaking one Sunday morning and mentioned taking a typing class in High School because there were cute girls in the class–I asked if he had manual or electric typewriters and he began “typing & moving the carriage back” motions…us older folks chuckled…then he burst out laughing, and told us that all the young people had blank stares on their faces because they had no idea what he was talking about, or demonstrating! sigh. I don’t FEEL that old! PS: And, I still have my High School graduation gift: A Royal, manual typewriter!

  5. Great picture. There are a lot of people who are getting interested in the old machines. You should check out the prices on Etsy! My sister would like one, only cleaner and smaller, to add to her vintage vignette.

  6. I learned to type on something not too unlike so many moons ago! 🙂 Unreal to think it’s pretty much obsolete.

  7. Yes, I had one of those too, gee they were hard to type on, you really had to pound down hard on them! There was a man who was going to garage sales and buying them up in our area, then he would take the keys or round letters off, and spell things out with them and make bracelets. I have one with my name on it. Now tho, it makes me sad to see them dismantled for a bracelet….

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