Dress YOUR Turkey–A FREE Paper Piecing Pattern

Turkey Picture Peggy Aare PaperPiecingHeartlandATgmail

Happy Monday, Quilters!

Even though this is a busy time for everyone…

I think you all will want to steal away for awhile to make THIS delicious turkey.

Wouldn’t it be a great decoration for YOUR holiday festivities!

This paper pieced quilt is a Thanksgiving treat from our friend, Peggy at WisconsinQuilting.

Peggy outdid herself this time.  Not only did she create this adorable turkey, she provided several color ways, a tutorial on printing on freezer paper AND a tutorial on paper piecing!

Thank you, Peggy!
Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 3.35.03 PM A NOTE FROM PEGGY

How do you dress YOUR turkey for Thanksgiving dinner?    How about a little aquamarine, or peach and fuchsia?
Here’s a piecing project using 30 degree wedges to create a cocky Thanksgiving turkey.  
1.    Print the 9-page full-sized line drawing and transfer it to freezer paper or print the pages directly onto freezer paper.
NOTE:  For more on printing on freezer paper SEE:   Printing on freezer paper.. tutorial
2.    Cut apart the paper piecing units using the alphabetic lettering as a guide.
3.    Use this color chart to help organize your fabric choices:
4.    Do a little strip piecing and assemble four color bands on the feathers to get a jump start on paper-piecing the wedges and the 18″ x 22″ project will take no time at all.   (See 3 Parallel Seams Diagram below)
NOTE:  Paper piece the details and irregular feather bands as you assemble the dozen wedges.
See the tutorial for paper piecing with freezer paper HERE:  Freezer paper piecing tutorial — adding fabric
Happy Thanksgiving!

Turkey exploded Peggy Aare PaperPiecingHeartland_AT_gmail

Paper Pieced Turkey

Paper Pieced Turkey

Paper Pieced Turkey

Paper Pieced Turkey


No calories in this turkey–even with all the stuffing!

We’d love to see what you’ve created using Peggy’s Paper pieced patterns.  Please post on Flickr, or send the photos to one of us.



PS. This tutorial is the property of Peggy Aare at Wisconsin Quilting and is available for personal use for readers of The Inbox Jaunt.  Feel free to Pin, re-blog, share with attribution to The Inbox Jaunt or Wisconsin Quilting.  For all other purposes, please contact Peggy at Wisconsin Quilting.com.

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