15 thoughts on “Seamstresses in Fine Art

  1. Ever notice how these seamstresses are all serenely, calmly stitching away…I always feel like I am shoving the little pieces through the machine as fast as it can go. Must learn to relax! LOL!

    • LOL! Me too! Plus my hair never looks as good as the seamstresses. Perhaps I should don some pretty silk cap when I sew just in case someone wants a portrait of me!

  2. I want to tell you how much I enjoy the weekly Seamstresses In Fine Art and especially the biographies of the artists. Thank you

  3. Fascinating life history of the painter!!! I am totally in love with this painting. I have a bloggy friend living in Crete who’s garden photos would be so similar to this.

  4. I saw this and it made me think of my mother, She loved to embroidery and did it beautifully. Thank you for showing this.

    • Did you know that embroidery was once taught in colleges, (maybe just in the South), & mother’s work is breathtakingly beautiful. Her teacher stressed that it must look as pretty on the back as on the front. These skills are nearing extinction with the demise of Home Economics in high schools. I’ve seen my mother sitting exactly like this as she worked on a project in the orchard with the sunshine glinting off her auburn hair–the scarf looks like my head that is still covered as my hair continues to “leave my head!”
      I so enjoy your selections Lori, thank you.

      • Barbara. Hope you are well!? Thank you for the very interesting info about embroidery in college. What a lovely image of your mother! Do have her embroideries in your home?

      • Yes, mother’s embroidery is proudly displayed & cared for as a priceless heirloom. And thank you, each day is a bit better; I am convinced that happiness, laughter, & a loving attitude is the solution to great health.

  5. So interesting, thank you. We tend to live in our own little worlds, and to see a glimpse of someone elses is amazing!

  6. Thank you, Lori, I too, love your seamstresses. There are so many women and young girls depicted in art works. I think it shows how important their past time was! They all have such a contented look on their faces, too. It is sad that these handiwork skills seem to be disappearing, world wide I believe. I belong to several groups that foster needlework but sadly so few young girls show any interest. Many do not even appreciate the beauty or skill or the time involved in the creation of the finished work. I treasure and use several pieces that were made by people of my mother’s and grandmother’s generation and hope my daughter in law will appreciate (and use) the things I pass on to her.
    Please keep finding these treasures for us.
    Wendy (in Australia.)

  7. I love the Impressionist feel of this particular painting, the viewer is left to fill in the “detail” as they see it in their mind and memories. Thanks for sharing these special finds with us, the reminders they bring forth of the seamtresses in our families are obviously much loved. I am lucky enough to have some of those memories of my grandmother also..

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