Beginner Quilters: An e-Book Giveaway!


As you all know, I have done everything I can to remove the fear and provide the inspiration for YOU all to begin free motion quilting…

If you’re still searching for something more–I think you’ll enjoy a newly published book written by a friend of The Inbox Jaunt:  Molly Hanson of SewWrongSewRight.

Molly Hanson:  Free Motion Quilting for Beginners

Molly’s new book:  Free Motion Quilting for Beginners-and Those Who Think They Can’t is a step-by-step guide to getting started.   It is a real CAN-DO book which takes the fear out of free motion quilting.  From choosing thread to setting up your work space, Molly walks the reader through the process with easy explanations and  many photos.

Molly believes in keeping supplies and set up to a minimum.  Simple is best.

Molly includes several motifs in her book.  Yesterday’s Tuesday Tutorial:  Woodgrain was based on a motif in the book.

Molly Hanson's Woodgrain

There are several small projects in the book including two projects which highlight the Woodgrain motif:  A Laptop Sleeve and a Messenger Bag.

Quilted Laptop Sleeve

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 4.38.50 PM

You can find Molly’s book at Martingale Publishing, on Amazon, or in YOUR Local Quilt Shop!


Molly is also offering a free e-book copy to ONE LUCKY reader of  The Inbox Jaunt.

To enter:  please answer this question in the comment section:

How many hours per week do you spend quilting?


Several blogs are participating in Molly’s blog-hop.  For more quilting fun, check out these blogs as well:

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Be sure to check in tomorrow for a sneak peek of The Woodgrain  in a Christmas project–HINT-It’s a Family Tree.


The winner of Molly Hanson’s e-book:  Free Motion Quilting for Beginners and Those Who Think They Can’t….announced.  Good luck!


PS…All images used today are used with permission of Molly Hanson and Martingale Press.


444 thoughts on “Beginner Quilters: An e-Book Giveaway!

  1. About an hour week when it’s averaged out. I’d like to spend more so machinne quilting doesn’t seem like a chore.

  2. I probably “quilt” including piecing, cutting, planning, etc. 15 hours a week. Does reading blogs and magazines county?

  3. when I have only quilting job to do, 4-5 hours for a day. For the little projects, just over one hour or so. Sometime a lot, sometime very little but sewing something all the time 🙂

  4. My answer will always be, “Not enough!” Depending on my weekend plans, between 1 and 10 hours per week. I can’t really do much when I get home from work so weekends are king. Looks like a cool book.

  5. How many hours a week? … NOT ENOUGH 😉 ! I may only get in an hour every couple of weeks, so you see what I mean. I follow your blog daily so as to vicariously participate in the dreaming, doodling, practicing, and stitching done by you and everyone else who comments on your posts. Thanks for offering prizes every now and again.

  6. It changes each week, depending on if my husband is at work or at home. When he is gone, I quilt approximately 20 hours. This book looks great.

  7. This week has been abnormal, I’ve hardly sewn at all. Most weeks I am at my machine at least 3 hours a day. I’m in withdrawal and I hope I survive until Monday when I’ll again be able to sew! Thanks.

  8. Depends on the week, but on average, probably about 10 hours. A deadline really makes the difference and motivates me to spend more time; frustrating projects causes a lack of interest.

  9. 7 hours – one hour per day kind of like an apple a day keeps the doctor away… stitching and hour provides a great relaxing escape and keeps me from unraveling my mental threads…

  10. I’m not sure if I would consider myself a “beginner” quilter… I bought my sewing machine with plans to make a baby quilt for my new niece’s 1st Christmas. I knew VERY little about quilting (my grandmother hand quilted). I drew out my quilt idea, bought fabrics, etc…well, she is 7 1/2 y.o. now!!! I understand the whole “handmade isn’t going to be perfect” (which makes me cringe), but I need help beginning. This sounds like a great book to get me headed in the right direction! Plus I LOVE the “wood grain” quilting!!!
    p.s. Wish me luck!

  11. I have 2 very little ones….some weeks I sneek into my sewing room on a regular basis, other weeks, I barely get to touch my machine 🙁 This book looks awesome! I tried my first FMQ about 2 months ago….not so good LOL!

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  13. I spend each evening while my husband is watching Sasquatch hunters etc , hand quilting a top hand pieced by my Grandmother. It is an ongoing project for 2 years.. But I usually try to work each day in my sewing area- machine quilting my UFO’s — sometimes only an hour or all day esp Sunday as Sunday I quilt.

  14. I am a substitute teacher, so my hours vary widely from week to week and that makes a big difference in how many hours I can spend sewing! On average, I’d say I spend 5-6 hours in my sewing room, loving every minute.

  15. I’ve just retired and it’s hard to stay out of the sewing room. 4-5 hours a day on average. I love your tutorials they are challenging my quilting to improve.

  16. If my husband is on a business trip I will have a marathon and quilt all day and most of the night, if he is home I only squeeze in a hour or two a day, but I sew everyday!
    Thank you for all the FMQ inspiration, I practice whenever I can.

    Happy Sewing and thanks for the chance to win :0)

  17. Oh my. It varies from zero to maybe 20 hours a week. Thanks for the wonderful list of blogs. And that new book sounds promising for us newbies.

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