The Inbox Jaunt-Mail Maladies

Free Motion Quilting, Letters, MailDear Readers,

As many of you have noticed –The Inbox Jaunt has suffered a few “Mail Maladies” over the past few months.

Many of you no longer receive your daily email “fix” of The Inbox Jaunt.Free Motion Quilting, Letters, MailMore recently, many people have reported  The Inbox Jaunt’s emails arrive as “WordPress” and often go unrecognized and deleted!  ARGH!

I have made several attempts to work this out with WordPress and Bluehost without luck.  Some of this is because I have limited patience working on this problem.  I’d much rather be sewing…hence the little motifs today….LOL!

Free Motion Quilting, Letters, MailPlease be patient.  

I am looking into other e-mail subscription options.

In the meantime….

YOU know where to find us!

and don’t delete messages from WordPress!


Can anyone recommend someone to help me with my WordPress blogging issues?  (Including my “button” not working)

I’d trade for a vase quilt?….

Thank YOU,

Frustrated in Frosty Minnesota,


46 thoughts on “The Inbox Jaunt-Mail Maladies

    • Yes it clearly states it is Box Jaunt. I think I opened it several times before I realized it had a new heading. I don’t see any problem with it.

  1. Yes,,,
    I, too, am a blogger. I write an Internet News Letter for my community. So, I mail-out an email highlighting the particular posts I would like the community members to read by simply clicking on the link. I use Very happy with the support given and the ease of mail-outs. Good source for tracking responses, as well.
    Diane Porterfield
    501 620-3167

  2. Rosemary B here:
    The email comes in as wordpress, but the subject line is InBox Jaunt.
    I am not sure why some are not getting your emails….
    I hope there is a super smart bloggie wizard getting your signal and preparing to come to your aid very soon.
    Meantime, no worries. Just keep sewing.
    I have to agree with you on that. I have no space in my brain file cabinet for this frustrating computery stuff.
    Happy day

  3. I agree with Sharon. We are also WordPress users for our travel blog and love it. One comment is please don’t go to Bloglovin’ really dislike that tool.

  4. Mine aso says wordpress but the subject always says InBox Jaunt. Doesn’t matter to me as long as I can get my daily fix!

  5. I haven’t missed an email either because I see the “Inbox Jaunt” in the subject space and immediately open it before any other emails. Thank you so much for your blogs. I know it takes a lot of effort to post every day and I appreciate it so much. 🙂

  6. Hang in there Lori! It is frustrating, emotional and scary to move “everything” I’m sure. Wish I could help in a technical way, bit it is not my strength. Hopefully you will look back on this situation in a few months and the move will have been worth it. Supportive hugs, Allison in Plano, TX USA

  7. I have no problem reading your email, I too look for “Inbox Jaunt” in the Word Press emails. I look forward to seeing your emails.

  8. Double darn. I thought only Google/Blogger had such problems. I’m actually in the process of jumping over to WordPress, but don’t yet have enough expertise to offer any help. I look forward to what you learn. And I agree, we’d all rather be quilting than researching and resolving blog issues. ERR.


  9. Lori, I’ve just posted a picture (in your FLICKR button at the right) of my inbox showing messages from The Inbox Jaunt as I see them. You can see posts from you, and posts from my own blog WisconsinQuilting. Up until Nov 8, your posts as I see them on Mozilla Thunderbird show they were from The Inbox Jaunt and the subject was [new post]+title. After that date, yours came from “”
    My own messages came from WordPress if the software was alerting me that I had to moderate a posting. Mine have seemed to continue unchanged. Maybe this will help anyone who is trying to troubleshoot for you.

    • More clues: Now that I’ve posted a comment and asked for follow-ups, the notices of those “new comments” are coming from (all lower case). They used to come from “The Inbox Jaunt” My guess, then, is that there is a mail configuration in your WordPress settings that needs to be reset.

  10. Lori, I don’t have issues. A suggestion to those that find you in their junk mail. Just move it to your inbox and it won’t be considered junk. You can also make Lori a contact and your server should get it in the right place. Love your ideas. Have not tried a single one … Yet.soon. I hope to begin soon.

  11. Lori, I agree the problem is not Bluehost, but rather something with the WordPress mail program. Several of my clients use iContact or ConstantContact, and they really like the ease of setting up, tutorials, reports available, support and reliability. Good Luck!

  12. I have always gotten it as Inbox Jaunt until this week. This week it is WordPress but with a subject line of Inbox Jaunt which is fine with me. Just keep it coming! To change providers may upset our ability to access some of your great resources.

  13. The email is sent as, which is just something the WordPress software does. Unfortunately, some email hosts block this. They do it to password reset emails as well. You cannot fix this on your end. Email places like Hotmail and Comcast and sometimes Yahoo block these messages as spam.

    That is why some people do not get the email updates. It;s their mail service blocking it.

    You can send out alternate email newsletters using a mailing list service like MailChimp or Awber as well. You still have to write the email with the blog post link manually, however.

    Also – you’re hosted on and they have a support forum for issues relating to their service, with an entire Happiness Engineer team. 😉

  14. No problems receiving your blog as WordPress with Inbox Jaunt as subject. Haven’t missed any, but I sure would if I didn’t receive one. I like the variety with the Silent Sunday, questions on Friday, Art on Saturday, etc.
    You have revolutionized my quilting. Thank you.

  15. Here’s some info. which may help. I love your blog and look forward to it so I was surprised to see the different formatting/entry on Friday, Nov. 7th. I subscribe to several blogs which use the same one as you. Becky Goldsmith uses it and she is a whiz at all of the blogging things. As you can see I don’t know the computer verbiage. I hope you can resolve this issue soon. Good luck!

  16. It seems that WordPress have changed the configuration of the posts, giving priority to “wordpress” rather tahn the bloggers’ names. I’d write “THE INBOX JAUNT” in capital letters, or in bold, so that it is easier to be recognised by readers. Other than that, I haven’t seen any changes. i read your posts, and see the photos on Facebook too.

  17. I haven’t had any problems receiving your email with WordPress. I also use Bloglovin’ to read other blogs that I am following. I have their app on my IPad and love it.

  18. Dear Lori,

    I’m sad to learn about your trouble you’ve experienced with the Word Press mail-out. I did notice your messages started coming from Word Press, and I miss The Injaunt Box for the sender ID. However, as long as I get a post from you daily, I’m fine.

    Would it work if we sent a complaint to Word Press about this unwelcome change?

    Just keep your entries coming.


  19. I love Bloglovin’ because I can see most of my sewing blogs there and it saves my email space. There is a sewing blogger that works for WordPress and wrote posts on how to switch from blogger to WordPress but I can’t remember who it is. Darn it! Good luck!

  20. I have to disagree with some above, I think it has to be Bluehost. I use WordPress, but I don’t use Bluehost. My email notices coming from WordPress still have my blog name as the from line, and the post title as the subject line. Even the email sent for my post today hasn’t changed. The only apparent difference between us is Bluehost.

  21. I’m not having any problems. To be honest, I didn’t even notice that WordPress was listed as the sender of your posts. It says “Inbox Jaunt” right in the subject line. (I’m using Apple’s Mail program on my MacBook Pro.)

  22. It’s coming everyday to me as well. Once I figured out that wordpress was your blog, I just look for it every day and continue to love it. Thank you for all the work – the very clear instructions and the beautiful quilting. This is such an inspiration!

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