13 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

    • We have snow here too. While it is pretty–I am in denial. Not ready for winter. I still have a few fall images I would like to share before the weeks and weeks of snow photos!

  1. I’ve told my husband “If I ever go blind, just take me out back and shoot me.” I would be miserable to live with if I were unable to see the beauty of nature. Thank you, Lori, for sharing that moment of beauty with us.

  2. One of the things I love about American photos & movies is the colours you have in fall! One day I hope to come back at the right time – just to see those magnificent colours! Please post more of these beautiful colours Lori.

  3. You have such spectacular autumn colours, unfortunately for us it tends to go from green to brown to bare fairly quickly without the glorious riot of colour. That said we traveled through some gorgeous beech woodlands today in the cotswolds which, if it had been sunny, would have been stunning, unfortunately they were shrouded in mist! For those who can’t guess I’m in England.

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