Still Seeing Faces

Faces in Wood workLike many of YOU, I suffer from enjoy the condition of “Pareidolia”.

I see faces everywhere.

Some of the faces are very subtle.

Sometimes the faces are fleeting.

and some of the faces are staring ME in the face——begging to be photographed!

Remember these?

Lobster Trap Face

Face on a WoodjoinerWhat about YOU?  Do you keep a photo collection of anything?

We’d love to hear…


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18 thoughts on “Still Seeing Faces

  1. LOL! Yes! I see faces everywhere. While on the treadmill in the basement this week, I saw a face in the smudge of concrete paste right in front of me! Sometimes, just the tilt of the head will bring a face into focus. It’s really fun!

  2. Yes, I even see faces in the clouds. Had a lamp years ago that had a design that looked like eyes. It was always looking at me. LOL

  3. Yep…faces everywhere! Most of them friendly :). If I were to look through pictures even from my younger years you would find old pickups, old barns and old homesteads. They have always captured my imagination of who lived there, worked there. Who drove that old pickup around and how people used to really appreciate having a vehicle. The old barns are disappearing…makes me sad! I love them!

  4. I had a comforter as a kid which was a pansy print. I used to study it for hours, particularly when I was ill, looking at those faces. Now, it’s very common for me to see faces everywhere — particularly in electronic configurations. I sometimes wonder if a lot of them aren’t deliberate.

  5. Yes, I saw one on our boat trailer and thought of you! I never realized Pareidolia was a condition. But I do enjoy it. 🙂

  6. I see faces everywhere too – sometimes happy faces, sometimes sad. But it’s fun to pick the out, in the clouds, in the leaves on the trees and more.

  7. Rosemary here:
    Yeah, it is a wonderful little fascination.
    I am always seeing faces and other things, always.
    For the longest time I thought it was just me. Especially if you mention what you see to someone…. and they look at you like you are a nutty simpleton.
    Happy Monday

  8. I always notice faces and figures on woodgrain-like in doors. Growing up there was a squirrel shape on our bathroom door. I guess it’s still there:)

  9. I collect faces of friends and relatives. 😉
    I also collect spirals. I’ve collected them off many web sites and magazines. Stairs, even square ones, shells, flowers and anything else that swirls like a spiral.

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