Halloween Treats-Open Line Friday

Blown Glass PumpkinsHappy Halloween!  It’s been a colorful month here in Minnesota (and at The Inbox Jaunt).  I will be sorry to turn the calendar page to November, though pumpkins, gourds and berries are still topical until Thanksgiving…

With the weekend upon us, perhaps you’ll have some time to TREAT yourself…

What will you choose as your treat?

Time to quilt?  Time to doodle?

I plan to take a little time to make this recipe…It made me laugh out loud when I saw it…

Blown Glass PumpkinsDoes anyone have any Fall books or movies they recommend?

I am currently re-reading The Last of the Mohicans…The Leatherstocking series is one of my all-time favorites to read in late fall.

Blown Glass Pumpkins(NOTE-The hand-blown glass pumpkin photos were taken on a recent trip to Cape Cod–Martha Vineyard Glassworks-a lovely place to visit…I had a pumpkin shipped home to me and I LOVE it.  You might enjoy the short video of how they make a glass apple.–it’s beautiful!  ..Their  hand-blown snowmen are adorable…PS— I am not affiliated with the store in any way.)


How will you TREAT yourself this Halloween?  AND do you have a book or movie to recommend?

Hope your Halloween is a real treat…


PS…All tutorials, information and images are the property of Lori Kennedy at The Inbox Jaunt and are intended for personal use only.  Feel free to share with attribution to The Inbox Jaunt.  For all other purposes, please contact me at lckennedy@hotmail.com.  Thanks!


40 thoughts on “Halloween Treats-Open Line Friday

  1. It’s birthday season here at my house! My oldest was born on Halloween 27 years ago, so we celebrate his birthday. Tomorrow is my middle child’s birthday on top of that. And I guess I started a tradition of taking out the grandbabies for trick or treating.

  2. Quilting like crazy here today – I’m heading out for my guild’s retreat on Sunday after church and I want to take a bunch of Christmas gifts (3 quilts quilted, 2 to go!) to get the bindings on!! Those pumpkins are amazing!!!

  3. I am crocheting new dishrags and then heading down to sew some star points. Making popcorn balls this afternoon just incase a get a little trick or treater! YUM! I love popcorn balls! We live in an “up the mountain” subdivision and each have acreage so don’t get many little monsters or goblins or witches up here, 🙁 so last year I had to eat all the popcorn balls myself COL (cackle out loud)!
    BTW I love love those glass pumpkins!!! So lovely!

  4. I will treat myself to time at the longarm, enjoying some free motion flowers and butterflies. For a modern twist on the Dracula legend, I recommend “The Historian.”

  5. Halloween is not a big deal where I am now – we live rurally and we do not get trick or treaters. I’ve returned home from spending a few days with my parents and doing odd jobs for them. There is a home improvement project going on here, as well. I am reading a JA Jance mystery, an Edith Pargeter story on 1400s in Shrewsbury England (Bloody Field by Shrewsbury), and finishing up on my fall and Christmas quilt magazines. Maybe I will just put my feet up tonight….

  6. I’m going on a walk in our oldest cemetary this evening. Volunteers portray famous and infamous people buried. There are candles set up along the main paths. Vendors sell hot chocolate and cider at the gate. It’s more fun when it isn’t raining. But the forecast is 100% rain today.
    I like “The Uninvited” with Ray Milland or “The Canterville Ghost” with Robert Young for Halloween movies–nothing to scary.

  7. I’m not going to do any work on my Christmas gift quilts this weekend. Instead, I plan on making a couple of new fall outfits for work. Here in Birmingham, AL, we’re having our first cold weekend with lows in the 30s (it was in the 80s last week!), so it’s time to unpack the warmer clothes and get a fall wardrobe together. Happy Halloween to all, and happy sewing!

  8. My first treat is a day off from school today, thanks to our High School volleyball team making Final Four in the state tournament. After running errands I intend to do some sewing. Haven’t decided if I will work on my quilt or sew myself something new to wear. I recently attended a Sewing & Quilting Expo and bought all kinds of goodies to work on. I’d also like to visit a quilt shop or two, lol.

  9. Here in Spain Halloween is a borrowed tradition. I get hoards of little children, though; and I’ve already made two pumpkin cakes which I’ll decorate with black icing. I’m going to call it “bat poop”. (the very small ones say “no, thank you, I don’t want cake, I don’t like bat poop”) Apart from that, I’ll be quilting a landscape and going to an Elton John concert. We’ve had spring-summery weather here. Not a coat to be seen…

  10. I just treated myself by watching the video of how they make glass apples. Thanks so much for posting that. I used to do stained glass but blowing glass is a whole different ball game. Those apples with the swirly stems are gorgeous! The owner of the shop is passing on his knowledge to the younger generation so, hopefully, they’ll carry on the tradition.

    Now headed over to a friends to make some Halloween goodies for his neighbor’s little kids. Know those kids will knock on his door so he can “trick or treat” them first!

    Every time an e-mail arrives from you – it’s a BIG TREAT for me. I just marvel at your creativity and have ordered some things (throat plate cover, etc.) for my Singer Featherweight so I can “get with the program”. I’ve copied all your tutorials about getting your machine and sandwiches made ahead of time and will see if they have the fabric guide at JoAnns (using my coupon, of course).

    It’s been 85-90 every day so hard to imagine it will go into the 50’s tomorrow night here in S. Fla.

    Tavette – S. Fla.

    • I loved watching the glass video as well. They clearly all know what they are doing…where they should stand, how to move around–like a minuet. They make it look so easy, don’t they? Thanks for your kind words…delighted that The Inbox Jaunt is a treat for you…

  11. Rosemary B here:
    Happy Halloween to every one!
    Here I plan to clean my house, press some block bits, test some candy (for the children of course) and take my mom to the podiatrist.
    Then, my favorite time – passing out the candy. I have special bags for some of the kids I know but every one gets my Halloween word search in their treat bag.
    WE get about 50 to 75 kids every year.

  12. I just returned yesterday from a quilt retreat where I saw an amazing yo to quilt. Today I am buying a yo yo tool and plan to make some while answering the door tonight. It’s raining pretty hard on the Oregon coast, so may not have too many trick or treaters.

  13. oh, the glass pears were incredible. I am going to make up my quilt sandwiches so I’m ready to practice! And finish off some placemats and napkins for Thanksgiving. They’re just getting straight line quilting, but maybe a little pumpkin in the corner? Have a great weekend, Lori. Hope you enjoyed the Cape. It’s been a beautiful fall here in New England.

  14. My quilting time has been hijacked by grandchildren needing costumes. I made bat wings for Eileen, refurbished my Snow White costume for Audrey and made a faux leather weight lifting belt for Ricky so that he could be one of the “Hans and Franz” characters from Saturday Night Live. Unfortunately for them it is one of the coldest Halloweens on record here in Illinois!…even snowed for a couple of minutes! I love the Fall in Ill. and Halloween – loved the idea of the walk in the cemetary but will get back to my scrap quilt this weekend….it has Fall colors.
    Happy Sewing!

  15. I’m watching my all time favorite movie right now–“Young Frankenstein” I watch it every year and still laugh out loud. My treat to myself is to finish a raffle quilt for my daughter’s work. They give the money to cancer charities.

  16. Tonight I will hand out candy with my Dad. Hard week here as we had to place my mom in a nursing home yesterday. Tomorrow I will treat myself with a trip to Chicago with my DH to visit our college freshman son. I will be hunting long underwear to keep me warm at his last regular season soccer game. BRRRR! Next week? Quilting and a mini high school reunion with my DH. WHEW! I am tired! lolol

  17. Tonight, I’m having a nice tea while reading my emails. Tomorrow is a shopping day for backing and binding. Sunday…sewing and quilting.

  18. Just finished “treating” over 300 little trick-or-treaters. Mid 30’s and it was spitting snow here in southern Michigan
    ! Out of candy, now I can work on some quilting. Happy Halloween!

  19. I treated myself to an afghan crocheted by my mom and rerun of my favorite Halloween family movie “Hocus Pocus”. Planning on finishing up my son’s wedding quilt tomorrow with backing and stitching in the ditch on this quilt as you go!

  20. We usually have about 10 trick-or-treaters here. We live in a suburb, but very few come by. I just buy a bag of chocolate and then my “poor” husband “has” to eat what’s left!

    My favorite Halloween movie is Arsenic and Old Lace–it takes place on Halloween. Cary Grant is hilarious.

    Tomorrow is finishing the last block of a blue-and-white quilt block sampler. I started it in 2007. I am really looking forward to quilting it!

    After the block it’s on to quilting a Christmas quilt I made a few years ago as a mystery quilt. This year it will be used during Christmas-time!

  21. If you have not already read these, these are two non-fiction books among my favorites list: The Long Walk and Follow the River. I was fixated reading both of these at the courage and perseverance of the protagonists.

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