A Modern Wholecloth Quilt for Autumn

Free Motion Quilting, Pumpkin, Acorn, Oak Leaf

It’s another glorious autumn morning here in Minnesota-the best days of the year!  I love all of the motifs of autumn-leaves, trees, pumpkins, corn…

Free Motion Quilting, Pumpkin, Acorn, Oak LeafI stitched this Modern Wholecloth Quilt with several Tuesday Tutorials:

Grid Pop

The Perfect Pumpkin

The Oak Leaf and The Acorn

Free Motion Quilting, Pumpkin, Acorn, Oak LeafThis Harvest quilt is small–just 15 inches square, but I know it will be used frequently throughout my house.

Free Motion Quilting, Pumpkin, Acorn, Oak LeafI used Aurifil cotton in the bobbin and Sulky 40 wt Rayon in off-white on top–on a Bernina 150, domestic sewing machine, without a stitch regulator.

Free Motion Quilting, Pumpkin, Acorn, Oak LeafThe acorns are in there, but because I stitched contour lines within the body of the acorns (see options in the Oak Leaf and Acorn tutorial), there is not enough contrast to see them clearly.  (I would leave them open next time so they “pop” like the Oak Leaves and The Grid.)

NOTE-Look closely to the left of the image above–an upside down acorn is visible.  On the right-the acorn with the contour is stitched, but not visible–not enough contrast….

Free Motion Quilting, Pumpkin, Acorn, Oak LeafI’m almost ready for Halloween! Hopefully there’ll be some candy corn left by October 31!?

Happy Harvest Stitching,


PS.  All images, information and tutorials are the property of Lori Kennedy at The Inbox Jaunt and are intended for personal use only.  Feel free to share with attribution to The Inbox Jaunt.  For all other purposes, please contact me at lckennedy@hotmail.com.  Thanks!

41 thoughts on “A Modern Wholecloth Quilt for Autumn

  1. Just incredible! However, I’m waiting for videos…if Leah can do it you can, too! I’m in awe of the fact that you rarely track back over your stitches. I want to see how your brain works while you sew!!! Happy Fall!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! You give me hope that I WILL be able to do this someday! (I hope it’s during this lifetime and I don’t have to wait until the next!)

  3. Lori, I am so happy to find your site. You have inspired me to try more intricate machine quilting. Absolutely adore your little quilt! Thank you.

  4. Beautiful! You’ve definitely inspired me. I’ve started a doodling journal because of your suggestion, and it lives right next to my computer so I can pick it up anytime and try designs I see online.

    I know others are asking for videos, but I actually really prefer your step by step still photos. I can study each line separately and feel for myself how to do it, and I can easily zoom in to make the photo larger. Your demonstration method is unique and I value that.

    Also, as a blogger who ventured from photos into videos a few years ago, I will tell you that video editing is extremely time consuming and uses a lot of computer memory and resources. It is literally orders of magnitude more bandwidth-intensive. So if you do try it, be very patient with yourself! And please don’t stop using the stills 🙂

    Thank you for the care and time you already are putting into this blog. It is clearly a labor of love, and a lovely one at that.

    • I too agree. I love the step by step process. It let my mind catch up with my hands. …I’m sometimes brain challenged …..LOL. Thanks Lori for your love of quilting and passion to share with others your talent.

  5. I hope to be able to do some nice quilting one day and really enjoy your tutorials. You have are some great ideas that I would like to try. But the quilting part of making a quilt is just not my favorite. I keep trying different patterns but find it difficult to do. I’m using a Brother Nouvelle 1500 and have made several large quilts as well as small wall hangings and mug rugs. Many have stippling in the background just because I couldn’t think of something else. Many thanks for all your efforts! One day I’ll do better!

  6. I am just in awe of your work! It is like watching a famous painter do their work. If I could master what you do I would be one happy camper. Thanks for all your inspiration. What machine do you sew on? Is it a midarm or a regular machine?

  7. I have looked at this four times this morning. It keeps running through my mind. I love it and am absolutely going to try it. I am sharing the photo with my quilting friends. I share most all of your photos with them. I always give you full credit and praise when doing so. Thank you so very much.

  8. I love this! and love Fall decorations…they are worth the effort as you can leave them up longer than most others. Although my snowmen seem to stay up way way too long…LOL! 🙂 I finally get a sew day today…!…will have to play with this one for a bit! BTW I like the still shots of your work…easy to study when I get stuck, or can’t turn a corner or have a nook or cranny I’m not sure what to do with.
    Do you get the whole design worked out on paper before you start? I think this would solve my turning the corner problem…I sometimes get in a hurry and just wing it but more times than not it turns out wong! LOL!

    • If I’m unclear how to do something like turn a corner I will practice on paper. Otherwise I just wing it-though I doodle constantly so the ideas are there just not finalized.

  9. While there are so many talented quilters sharing their designs and quilting techniques, so far you are still my favorite! The way you draw and execute your designs really speak to the way I think… so that gives me hope that someday I will be as creative and accomplished with free motion quilting as you are! Thank you so much for the inspiration and encouragement. Your tutorials are really well done, but videos would be great- it would be like having a sit down visit with our favorite quilting mentor!

  10. Lori, this one is just breath taking! You’ve out-done yourself this time! I love it! I’m planning a fabric shopping trip tomorrow for my 4 & 6 yr. old grandkids’ quilts they requested for Christmas, and I am going to buy fabric to make one of these for my own table. Thanks for inspiring me!

  11. Lori this is beautiful. I too am a fall lover and would love to see a video on this. I am new to FMQ and really do not like my own stitching but hopefully I will get there. You have given me so much encouragement and thought you would like to know that….

    • Hi Debbie,
      Is it fair to say “a lifetime”–I read that’s what Lyric Kincaid says about her art. By the time I sit down to quilt, I usually have the idea doodled and even a few practice pieces…The stitching time was one long afternoon.

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  13. This one design has inspired me to “stalk” your entire website, take a Craftsy FMQ class, and begin my own adventure in developing FMQ skills! THANK YOU!

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