Open Line Friday–Friday Finds and a Favor to Ask…

Clamp Light On Sewing MachineI was off at a quilt retreat last weekend with my Mom, sisters and friends.  I learned many new things AND

I discovered a few new products to share.

Clamp Light On Sewing MachineSeveral quilters were using this clamp light from Lowe’s Home Improvement Store.

Clamp Light On Sewing MachineI found it on sale for $17.97!

(if you don’t have a Lowe’s near you, check your hardware store- I bet other stores carry nice LED clamp lights.)

Clamp Light On Sewing MachineI started out with the lamp clipped to the handle of my sewing machine, but found it was often in the way.

Clamp Light On Sewing MachineAfter a few trials, I found clamping it on my sewing table was just perfect!

The best thing–it’s bright and it doesn’t get HOT!

What about YOU? Any Friday Finds YOU can share?

We’d love to hear…

Basking in the lime LED light,



I just found out that my blog button–in my sidebar–is not functional.  Is there a computer whiz out there that can help me fix it?  I’d rather work on quilt tutorials…<sigh>

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  1. re: blog button. there’s a minor typo in the URL. you have the : but not the //

    a href=” ”

    should be

    a href=” “

  2. I NEED one of those lights! It looks like the perfect solution for sewing on dark (black) fabric. Thank you for sharing!

  3. My sewing space is upstairs, in a former bedroom with lot’s of windows. One would think the light would be perfect. NOT! I am always in search of lights to give me better light at the sewing machine. This light might work. Hi Ho, it’s off to Lowes I go today. Thank you Lori

  4. I was wanting one of those little lights from Ikea but don’t have one of those anywhere close … I didn’t think to look in Lowes…one in Rapid so road trip is in order for the day I think! Been meaning to hit a few fabric shops there anyhow.
    Seems I need more light all the time…and at that price I think I can get a few…I’m always moving lights around to different machines…and that’s not a big deal other than there isn’t always a plug in handy so then I go search for another extention cord…some of you know the drill I’m sure. So I’ll have to check out the pics again…is it plugged in or does it have batteries? I’m going to really love it if I don’t have to plug it in!
    I have not used anything new lately…still enjoying some of the new finds from last year’s “list!” That was a fun list! I did get a new rotary cutter and new blades…wow no wonder my hands were hurting! That was a treat for me and the old one had many miles on it so it was time. I need to back up to the mat discussion quite a while back…I had info copied off that but never did get one…it’s time for a new mat too so need to look that up again…seems someone posted a website.

  5. Rosemary B here:
    this is a great idea, Lori.
    In my sewing room I have one of those tall lamps with 5 lights that bend. You know, Target sells them. They are very good at focusing light in various areas. They take up to 60 watt bulbs. I bought the better quality one, not the college cheapie that gets hot. . I am fortunate to have my sewing office right next to my other office (the kitchen), so this room is formerly a sun room. It has a huge chandelier hanging from the ceiling and that light is great for general lighting. It is good to have a very focused light on our work area. This is wonderful. I bet last week-end was epic fun.

  6. My sewing room faces north with a small window, so it doesn’t have much natural light. My Ott light is not working and I decided not to replace it. This light looks like a good solution to my problem. I wonder how many Lowe’s will run out of these lights in the next few days.

    • My Ott lamp is priceless for me. I can move it around my sewing machine table. Not trying to advertise for it but it is so helpful to have a lamp inches from the work itself. I bought it with a 50% off coupon at a fabric store and will do that if and when it needs a new bulb. Had it 4 years now. I think it is not so important the brand but getting a good deal and helping your eyes function at their best. Lori, glad you and family could enjoy a retreat together. That fellowship is priceless !!

  7. I got a similar LED light at Ikea. Ikea light comes in all sorts of wild colors, I got bright orange, it has a clothes pin like clamp with suction cups. So yes, look around and you can find useful items where you wouldn’t expect to find them.

  8. I bought one of those EcoLux lights that actually sticks to the bottom of the head of the sewing machine – it plugs in and I got one for my serger as well with fewer lights on it that can use the same plug. I love, love it. Check out at I bought the 6-light complete one and got the extra 3-light only. There are more such as the 15 light set. (Sorry, don’t know how to make that a link)

  9. I am thinking this is what I need for my treadle Singer machine. I have used my Ott light but it does not work as well as I would like. This LED light should work great if it will clamp on the edge of the treadle cabinet.

  10. I had to run errands this morning so I swung by Lowes and got me a light. I got the one on a stand and it was the same price. Oh My Goodness!! I had to do some machine Appliqué this afternoon and its a pretty dreary day in this part of the country and it made a huge difference. Thanks so much!!!

  11. yeah, one of these days I’m going to buy myself an LED clip-on lamp. 🙂 From someplace like Home Depot. I can’t believe people pay the exorbitant prices of lamps marketed to quilters. I just flat out can’t afford 200-something for LEDs for my machine! That’s crazy!

      • I use two LED lights from IKEA, the Jansko lights. One is a clip one and one sits on the table with a long position able neck. One is around $10, the other about $4 more. I bought them on a trip on recommendation from Bonnie Hunter, really like them, especially on my treadle.

      • I used to use a Bendable Bright Light, but it broke earlier this year. Then I ordered a LED strip called SewLITE, from Lumitask ( I think I saw it advertised in a quilting magazine. It cost around $50. It comes with stickies to attach it to your machine. It put out pretty good light, but one of the wires fell out so I contacted the company and they sent me a replacement – great customer service. The replacement is slightly different and has held up well, though every once in a while the strip flickers. But overall, I’m happy with it, and it beats the heck out of my Bernina’s dim built-in light. That clip-on LED lamp sounds great for the price, so that would be my first choice if I were looking for a lamp. I may just buy one anyway because when you’re quilting, you can never have too much light on your work! Thanks for the tip!

  12. I also have the LED light from Ikea and mine is a plug-in kind. I think it cost about $10. Much cheaper then the Bendable Bright Light that I have attached to my longarm, but the Bendable Bright Light attaches to my longarm with a super sticky pad, the LED from Ikea attaches to the side of my table with a clamp. Sorry I can’t fix your computer issues…I can’t even get a button put on my blog…total computer idiot!

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