The Football–A Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

Free Motion Quilted FootballGood Morning, Quilters!  Are you ready for some football?

Do you have any boy quilts in your stash?  Many of you have requested more “boy patterns”.  Earlier this month we stitched The Race Car.  Last month, we stitched The Baseball and today, we will stitch The Football.  Combine any of these patterns with The Jigsaw Puzzle or any geometric design like Diamonds are Forever or The Greek Key for your next quilt…Sure to please…

Free Motion Quilted Football

PK in action. September 2014


Begin by drawing three lines equidistant apart.  In the sample below, the lines are 3/4 inch apart.


Begin stitching on the middle line.  Stitch a curved line up to the top line and back to the middle line.  Stop at the middle line and stitch a curved line back to the starting point.

Free Motion Quilted FootballStitch ON the previous line of stitching several stitches to the right.

Stitch a curved line from the top to the bottom of the football.  Stitch over one stitch and echo quilt back to the top line of the football.

Free Motion Quilted Football

Stitch along the top of the football ON the previous line of stitching, then stitch another set of curved lines.

Free Motion Quilted Football

Stitch to the right point of the football.

Next, stitch a curved line back to the starting point.

Free Motion Quilted Football

Stitch ON the middle line again, then stitch a zig-zag to create the laces.

Stitch to the right point of the football and begin the next football.

Free Motion Quilted Football

You might want to create a small trophy quilt–like The Home Run Quilt–as a gift for a coach or ask your player’s teammates to sign.

OR use The Football to tie a quilt –see TYING A QUILT The Free Motion Quilt Way….

Free Motion Quilted FootballCombine The Football, The Baseball and any of your own motifs to make a personalized quilt for the Sportsman in YOUR life!

Free Motion Quilted Football

I think this motif is a TOUCHDOWN, don’t YOU?


Left-tackle, Lori

PS…This tutorial is stitched with Aurifil 50wt  cotton in the bobbin and Aurifil 28wt cotton on top–for a casual look.  The motif was stitched on my Bernina 150 without a stitch regulator using a Schmetz 90 Topstitch needle, Robert Kaufman Kona cotton fabric.

PPS…All tutorials, information and images are the property of Lori Kennedy at The Inbox Jaunt and are intended for personal use only.  Feel free to re-blog, Pin or Share with attribution to The Inbox Jaunt.  For all other purposes please contact me at  Thanks!

13 thoughts on “The Football–A Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

  1. How fabulous to have a masculine motif for quilting, although I suppose girls like football too. I got really excited when I saw the title because us Brits use the term football for what you call a soccerball and I’m planning a football or should I say soccer quilt for my grandson. Mever mind my other son is marrying an American girl from Minnesota actually so maybe their children will be ‘American Football’ fans. Thanks as always Lori for the fantastic tutorial and inspiration.

  2. Nice tutorial Lori! This one will get used and just in time, my little nephew Orrin is next in line for a quilt and he loves football. This will be perfect. 🙂 Thanks! OH! fun to see a pic of PK too!

  3. I stitched out a fabric baby book with some older designs (house, boat, flower and a couple of others –even got adventurous enough to create my own design of a cute little fish). Now I want to make one with bugs and another with these little cars, trucks, baseball, foot ball etc. Sew Fun! Thanks, Lori!

  4. Beautiful! And, watching closely and paying attention to detail , it can be easily adapted to a rugby ball, as there’s no football here in Europe…
    I did a rugby ball, but it isn’t as cute as yours…

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