Seeing Faces–Cape Cod Style

Lobster Trap Face

Like many of you,  I have Pareidolia- I see faces everywhere…

In July, I saw the face below on a wood-join while visiting a friend’s cabin in Wisconsin–

Last week, I travelled to Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard …and saw the above face in a lobster trap.

I have lots more to share about my trip to Massachusetts…but for now, I’m knee-deep in laundry!

Face on a Woodjoiner


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We will have three short tutorials this week as we continue to work with circles.  Keep practicing Dots and Dashes as well as The String of Pearls so you are ready to move on!

See you soon!


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5 thoughts on “Seeing Faces–Cape Cod Style

  1. I see fmq designs everywhere now. The circus wagon you posted a few weeks ago; the way the vine curled across the top of a fence; the art deco on an old piece of “valuable junk” while watching some tv show… I haven’t drawn them or stitched them but I see them… and I’m always “seeing” interesting designs or faces in tree bark, wallpaper and even pebbles in the sand.

    Maybe I’m not nuts after all 🙂

  2. I see quilt piecing patterns and quilting patterns everywhere!! I’m always taking pictures of “weird” things…floors are awesome and tile work, fences, lace, wheel-lines, tattoos! People think I’m strange but I just have quilt-brain!!

  3. Ha ha. I am not alone!
    I remember saying to my son or husband see how that looks like a ….. usually I’d get a funny look and a head turning sideways to see what I was seeing. Sometimes after a bit of explaining and pointing out they would see it but other times not. I would get a chuckle. Funny how we can see things immediately and others just do not see it at all.

  4. I’m going to have to remember that name of this malady, I also see faces everywhere. I’ve been seeing them since I was a kid, also since I have become a quilter (7 yrs. now) I see quilt designs all over the place. I’ve taken pictures of the quilt designs, but maybe now I should take pictures of the faces also. THANKS for letting me know I’m not alone.

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