Ruby and Roxie

Ruby and Roxie, Australian ShepherdsI thought my two Australian Shepherds could use a little exercise so I showed them this short video…

This was their response:

Ruby and Roxie, Australian Shepherds

What made YOU laugh today?



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20 thoughts on “Ruby and Roxie

    • Somehow, I thing some animals and humans are born with this in their DNA. We have this affliction at our house as well.

  1. Hi Lori – Not only do I enjoy your free motion tutorials, but I’m an Aussie lover too. Copper, our fifth, is by far the laziest one we’ve ever had. If I can get him to run around outside, he will only run in the shade. Will not bring a ball or Frisbee back. But is a table and counter surfer extraordinaire and very companionable and affectionate. And pretty too! Thanks for your blog and photos of Roxie & Ruby.

  2. Rosemary B here:
    Lori, you are witty and funny. I love your doggies. they are sweet girls.
    I have two cornish Rex boys and they are like monkeys, but then they end up in the sun like two flat kitty shapes that you could trace if you wanted.
    Happy Friday 😀

  3. You’d better get a book on their heritage and read to them from that. They’re supposed to be out there rounding up sheep, aren’t they? HAHAHA

  4. I laughed out loud – Ruby and Roxie are what I named my two Berninas! And I have a Featherweight named Rosie. (She was born in Riveter days!)

  5. Perhaps the girls already had their exercise time when you weren’t aware? 🙂 I did enjoy the laugh as we are just outside the evacuation zone (but definitely not out of the smoke and helicopters with water zone) in the California Wildfire near Pollock Pines.

    • I had Lady….always crossed her paws…..and God forbid you touched her head! She just looked at you like…really don’t touch my beautiful head…..! That is where the name Lady came from! She was dumb like a fox always got what she wanted but she was my girl! I miss her so much! She would be 27! There will never be another like her! Love your site!

  6. So endearing…Our son had his aussie, Belle, for 12 years. She loved to play with Frisbees. She would put it in your lap or carry it from person to person. She would “herd” all the family members when 3 generations would go to the park. She would obey just his facial expressions.. We all miss her. Thanks, Lori, for the memory lane trip. Your R & R are just beautiful and, I know, a treasure and joy. BTW, who wants to skip rope nowadays anyway? I’m with R & R….Just give me my chair on rollers by my sewing machine.
    Debbie Horton, praying you stay safe…

  7. I also have an Aussie….Samantha…Sammie for short….she is a lively one!!! She looks like the one on the left with a strip of white between her eyes and down her muzzle….she too has beau coup toys…willing to play…but not willing to return with her toys!!! Smart as a whip…spoiled…and loveable…….also loves her naps…especially with Dad on his big recliner!!
    Just Ducky in NC

  8. We recently went to the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival which included a “Crook and Whistle” shepherding competition. You would be amazed at how those dogs could herd the sheep into three different gates, a pen and then bring them to the shepherd while separating two out from the others. It was so much fun – we sat with some owners who schooled us on the competition and the use of the crook and whistle. Very smart dogs…………

  9. The jump roping dogs are adorable! It seems like Ruby and Roxie would want to do that too! They are so very beautiful; enjoy them to the fullest.

  10. Loved the video; it did make me laugh and long for a small white poodle! I had a Black standard and she could have jumped with the best of these 🙂
    Ruby and Roxie and beautiful dogs.

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