6 thoughts on “The Trousseau

  1. That is SOoooo lovely.. I remember standing for fittings many ti,es while my mom pinned and measured and pinned again… from toddlerhood til I was 20 I guess. By then I had stopped growing ! People always thought our clothes/coats came from the big city of Atlanta miles away. All the colors Hawthorne used contribute to the softness of the whole image, even the red of the pincushion. That really emphasizes the feeling of the white purity of the trousseau. Do you get the idea she is looking in a mirror at herself? I wonder how many articles of clothing they are making for her trousseau. Me thinks she will be well outfitted. Smile, darlin’, your groom will be pleased.

  2. You have wonderful tutorials. Thank u so much. I rate you as a 5on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the best.
    I have been practicing a bit on the circles. Mine are more like squares and horribly deformed round things. Hope your weekend is tops.

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