Special Delivery-A Free Motion Quilting Quick Tip: Batting Tricks

Free Motion Quilted TruckFree Motion Quilting QUICK TIP–Specially Delivered to YOU!

Wool batting is great!  It has great loft, washes in the washing machine beautifully and gets better with age…

Free Motion Quilted Truck

Sometimes its too lofty for small projects.  (Vase quilts, etc.)

Wool batting can be split into layers.  Start at a corner and slowly pull the layers apart.

The Half Layer can be used on it’s own…I often use it this way…

Or layered with another batting, perhaps silk to create a “gourmet batting”.

I’ve been experimenting with this lately and will let you know…

Free Motion Quilted Truck

What about YOU? Have you tried splitting batting or combining batting?

What’s YOUR favorite combination?

We’d love to hear!


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PS…Stitched with Sulky and Aurifil on my Bernina 150 without a stitch regulator–Kona fabric by Robert Kaufman, Schmetz 90 Topstitch thread.

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20 thoughts on “Special Delivery-A Free Motion Quilting Quick Tip: Batting Tricks

  1. Oh vvverrry innnterrrresting!!! I have not experimented with much batting…I always just use the Warm and Natural but would like more loft sometimes and didn’t really know which to try. I had made a mental note from earlier when you mentioned wool batting…is there a brand you like better than others?
    Are you getting snowed on this morning! We have 29 degrees and blowing snow! I’m excited!! Sew day!!! 🙂

    • No snow but it is cold 48 degrees. Sunny so it seems warmer. I have used several brands of wool and like them all

      • Glad the snow is avoiding you so far…you wouldn’t believe how it’s coming down here! LOL! It won’t stay yet thank goodness so makes it easier to laugh about it! A little fall weather might be nice!

  2. I did a wall hanging with a layer of poly and a layer of wool – felt like I was quilting a down comforter but the faux trapunto that combo produced was great! I am currently quilting a wall hanging with a layer of cotton topped with a layer of wool and that is lovely. I like using wool for quilts that will be used to cuddle with or snuggle under because they breathe so they are not too warm for summer but keep you cozy in the winter. My favorite single batting is Quilter’s Dream Orient – blend of silk and bamboo…yum!!! Incredibly wonderful hand and the drape of the finished quilt is amazing!

  3. Love wool batting. It really makes quilting pop out without being pouffy. Wool batting makes soft, lovely bed quilts and does not have the fold memory as most other batts. I’ve just begun to layer wool with a cotton or cotton poly blend on small pieces to experiment and the combo makes for depth and distinction in fmq or straight line quilting.

  4. I have a queen wool bat that belonged to my aunt. Thanks for the idea about splitting the batting. I may do this and use the batting for my king sized Celtic Solstice top.

  5. I love the look of wool plus 80/20 when I am doing what I like to call ‘faux trapunto’. I buy the squares at quilt shows just for this purpose. I want these areas to POP!

  6. Question – pondering on a project and want to know if FMQ can be done with just the top and batting instead of the usual 3-layer sandwich (I want to quilt small, manageable pieces, then sew them together and add the full size backing and secure with channel stitching in that order). Or does the batting get caught on the machine bed? What would you recommend?

    • Funny you should ask. Just did that this weekend for a project. The only thing I did find is that it is extremely helpful to have a Supreme Slider on your sewing surface to keep the fabric gliding.

    • I did this with a tear away interfacing in the back. Worked like a charm. Next time I’ll try water soluble and see if that works!

  7. I pretty much use Quilter’s Dream, 100% cotton. There are a few thicknesses. I have a wool batting I have been wanting to use. I took a FMQ class and she used wool, it was wonderful.

  8. Here in Australia, we love our Matilda’s Own wool batting. It is fantastic to work with and has a nice loft.

  9. Best thing about wool batting is that it is warm, but breathes! In Australia we have Matilda’s Own, which is similar to cotton battings, but I have also used wool which was meant to be used in a wool doona … it was like hand quilting through melted butter, and as warm as toast. Too lofty for machine though.

  10. In the past I have used Warm & Natural exclusively, but recently I discovered Soft & Toasty by Fairfield. It’s much less stiff than W&N. I really like the drape of the quilts after I’m done so much better with WT. It’s not any thicker (loftier) though. Personally I stay away from Wool because I’m notorious for throwing everything I own into the dryer. I don’t own any wool sweaters either! 🙁

  11. I never knew you could get wool batting other than warm and natural. All the loft batting I see is made from polyester. Is there a special name on the package? Thanks. Oh, and when I do use the poly, which is hardly ever now, I used to split them apart for wall hanging, etc., as I found it too thick and made the quilting too puffy.

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