15 thoughts on “Seamstresses in Fine Art

  1. Treadling along in the morning light with the window open….I want to do that! That’s lovely! I can hear the birds chirping and the treadle humming long. She’s making something soft and ruffly it looks like. I love that old soft gauzy material…so homey.:)

  2. Lovely painting. The artist’s home and studios would be a great tour, if only I was going to Australia! Thanks for including the sites with info about the artists.

  3. I just spent hour and half looking at every page of their sites. I found my dream home and artists and family and everything about them… What treasures!!..Go to Australia? That, too, is a dream..Lori. what a special thing you have done to share this art. Hard to believe my having a university education and never heard of them.Thank you SO much..Would love to have “her” hanging above my sewing machine!!

  4. Despite living in Adelaide, Australia for many years, long admiring Heysen’s work (both artistic and environmental) and knowing that he is a local icon, I was not aware that his property was still held in the family and available to the public. Guess where we will be having our next family picnic?! Thanks Lori!

  5. I am so excited that you have included Hans Heysen as I was going to email you to suggest you include this painting. I am from Australia and have been to his property and it is just lovely and given the chance I would go back in a heart beat! (I envy you Virtual Quilter!) The light in it is just beautiful as with all his paintings. The room remains as it was and has a lovely feel to it. His wife was making baby clothes for the new baby and was almost due when the painting was done. Marta, I do have her above one of my machines and just love looking at it!! I also have a spare print of his wife sewing as my sister gave me a framed one she had.
    Thank you for making my day Lori!!

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    • I have a print that I could sell you – it isn’t framed but set on cardboard ready for framing. I can pull it out and let you know if you are interested. Not sure what it cost but think it was abt $70-$75 from memory. Let me know and I can send you a photo and check the price out. Linda

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