Little Projects

Free Motion Quilting, Bird and FlowersOne of the best ways to practice free motion quilting is on small projects.

While doing a small project, try a new motif or try combining two motifs in a new way.

Do one small project per week…Try a new motif, a new thread, a new batting, or a new fabric….

Keep it simple.  Keep it small.  But…use your best technique so you have something you can use.

This helps you focus. While some say “Practice makes perfect”, in reality…

“Perfect Practice makes Perfect”…

Free Motion Quilting, Bird and FlowersA LITTLE LAUGH

Here’s something that made me laugh this week…

Hope you enjoy it!  (I recommend watching the videos before reading any of the article.)

Peyton Manning’s Best Work

Happy Stitching!


PS…Try The Spiral Lollipop Flower tutorial from the bird above…it’s fun!

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6 thoughts on “Little Projects

  1. Thanks for the great idea! I have always thought or rather had never thought about practice on anything but a full quilt. I practice on practice pads and such but always think… “I want to be really doing something I can use.”

  2. Now I like those feathers!!! haha! Very cute…having baby time and sewing withdrawls this week! Mom’s doing great though so there will be time to sew maybe this weekend. :)! Can’t wait!

  3. Lori – thanks for the practice encouragement AND for the link to those hilarious commercials! What a hoot! I love your blog. Quilt on!

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