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  1. I suppose she got up early to use the morning sunshine. Edward Hopper has been one of my favorites for years. The reviewer and I really disagree that this is a portrayal of the “embodiment of alienation of the human being”…such a crock..I just can’t see that in any sense of the word alienation. And the fact that her hair is not pinned up
    ( it is 1921) or tied back, is a suggestion to me that she is dedicated to finishing this project. You go, Girl ! It is going to be lovely!

  2. Love this piece. It caused me to look up Hopper and see more of his work and read a bit about him. Thanks for the exposure to great art.

  3. Rosemary B here:
    I agree with Marta. Whaaat? The author of that webpage apparently does not appreciate the artwork for what it is. I am puzzled by the commentary on that blog.
    This beautiful woman does not appear to be “alienating herself” to work on her own selfish whims. At this time in history, most women were making clothing for the working members of the family, and maintaining the appearance of that attire.
    I adore this picture.

  4. I have a lamp in my sewing room with this picture as the shade. I just love it! My good friend got it for me as a gift. Thanks for sharing…..

  5. I find these comments very fascinating and I appreciate the art work as well. Thank you for sharing your love of art and quilt related art. I always enjoy the presentation.

  6. It appears to me that this girl is repairing or quickly sewing up something she wants to wear. She seems to be in an undergarment or petticoat.
    Although human alienation is a theme in other Hopper paintings, I don’t feel it in this one either
    Thanks for sharing.

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