8 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. Oh my goodness, ..butterfly weed !!! When I was a child visiting my grandparents in their very rural home, I discovered a “wart” on my ring finger, inbetween it and the pinkie finger next to it. Horrors!!! never had one of those before.. My grandmother said “Let’s go on a walk.” We wandered down the path toward the barn, stopped halfway by lovely orange flowers, and she picked one. She asked me to hold out my hand. She crushed some of the blossoms and then rubbed its “juice” on my wart. Her pronouncement was that the wart would go away. Within 3-4 days it was gone. I also learned that if their cows ate butterfly weed, the milk would be sour. Granddaddy tried
    to keep the plant out of the cow’s pasture. I was 5 years old, …remember it as if it was yesterday..never had another wart, of any kind…I still do have her operable 1922-4 Singer treadle sewing machine with the gold decorations on it. I used to sit under it while she sewed and enjoy watching her feet work the treadle..Also inherited some sugar and flour sacks from her..Granddaddy waited 8 years for her to grow up to ask for her hand in marriage. He was considered such a fair man, lawyers always wanted him on their juries. My grandparents never ventured more than 100 miles from home and lived til in their 90’s. I have only one of her quilts..extended family inherited others. Gee, I miss my grandparents…I wish I had one butterfly weed in a pot, we don’t have any cows on our one acre, but you never know when one might wander by. Thanks, Lori, for the memory jaunt this morning.

  2. You choose such lovely scenes for your Silent Sunday photos. This one speaks of peace and the unexpected beauty everywhere.

  3. Love your photos Lori! They sparkle. Marta, your farm grandmother sounds like mine. Thank you for reminding us of the old ways…

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