Open Line Friday…Pot Pourri

Free Motion Quilted FlowerHappy Friday, Everyone!

Today is Open Line Friday–Any Questions this week?

I will start by answering a few questions that came up in the “comments” this week.


A bit more clarification about the little floral quilt from Wednesday’s :  Free Motion Quilting:  Playing with Scale

The large flowers were stitched across the entire piece first, then echo stitched to make them “pop” more.

The Happy Blossom filler from Tuesday’s Tutorial was added last.

Free Motion Quilted FlowersRAW EDGE APPLIQUE

When stitching with Robison-Anton’s Twister Tweed, I used a Schmetz Topstitch 90 needle.  A Topstitch 80 would work as well.

A note about needles:  Increasingly, I find myself using the Schmetz Topstitch 90 for all of my free motion quilting.  For most of my projects it has been trouble free.  For more about needles:  How to Chose a Needle for Free Motion Quilting.

Free Motion Quilting and Raw Edge AppliqueTHE CIRCUS

Last week, I wrote about a jaunt to The Ringling Circus in Sarasota, Florida…One of our readers, Mardi Carter,  shared the link to her quilt, “Bigtop”.

Her gorgeous circus quilt won the 2014 Hoffman Challenge for Mixed Best Machine Work!

Congratulations, Mardi!


I’m a little distressed about the end of summer.  It’s back to school on Monday…

I had a very busy summer, but still didn’t do/see half the things on my list…kayaking, fishing, Willow River State Parkhike Taylors Falls–see the potholes…

What about YOU?  What are your plans for the weekend?

What summer activities do you have left on YOUR list?

We’d love to hear!


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10 thoughts on “Open Line Friday…Pot Pourri

  1. I am going to hit the flea/farmers market tomorrow and then off to a tag sale. So many treasures to find.

    Enjoy the end of the season.

  2. Enjoying your quilting. I however do not have the control. How do you get the control that you have to have to do things like the flower at the top of the post? I do better w free motion quilting than following a panto. I also do well using ruler, (quilter rule co).I find my cute little designs turn onto sloppy points, or changes in size over a quilt.

  3. Lori, I love your quilting ideas. I have just purchased a Bernina 820 (used 5 hours) from my dealer and I am having trouble getting my tension just right for FMQ. I don’t use the BSR either. In an earlier post you mentioned making some tension adjustments. Could you tell me what you did?

    • I lower my top tension a lot! I recently had my dealer change my internal tension settings–the manufacturer settings were too tight overall for all the free motion quilting I do.

  4. You hae such a talent. Very creative and artistic. Can’t believe all the designs you can come up with. My mind just won’t kick in. Great job!

  5. It’s already been in the low 50’s here in the mornings…part of me thinks it feels good, what a relief. Must be the inside cuz the outside flat out said BRRR this morning. LOL! I retreated to the sewing cave after the hail wiped out the garden and flowers and I happily sewed along in my new found time on my hands. You really have to garden fast and furious in WY. Anywho…as I sewed the garden came alive again…so I finally went down to give it a hand as weeds seem to flourish after hail for some reason and it was looking hopeful and my mouth watered with anticipation of sweet corn and tomatoes and then deer happened…and then the horses decided they could really take down a fence as the corn was just too tempting I guess so I ran for the sewing room once again and when I’m not there I’m over rocking my sweet little grandson Charlie! 🙂
    These cold mornings remind me though that snow isn’t too far away…one of my bucket list things this summer was finding a treadle machine. I want to get my grandmothers and make a few quilts on it but not sure I will talk my aunt out of letting me take it for a couple years. So I have been searching for my own and I have found one that I love and guess where it is….STILLWATER MN!!! So…my aunt lives in Northfield so am thinking next week I will take Mom for a visit to her sister’s and I will head to Stillwater and get my treadle! If you have time for a coffee that would be awesome Lori!
    Ok…I have the gift of gab this morning…time to go sew something. LOL!

  6. thanks for all your inspiration, Lori. You create such beautiful things. Here in New Mexico it is cool (54) and wet. that has created the most beautiful wildflowers. Fields of sunflowers, Bee plant, white, purple, yellow with splashes of red. It takes my breath away. I have been taking wonderful pictures. So a group of us are transferring all our pictures to fabric and are making a quilt infused with our love for a neighbor who has breast cancer. Guess that is the last project of the summer. But on this drizzly day, it is back to cleaning the garage.

  7. Rosemary B here:
    ^hey, I love that lady’s name 😀
    I am in Northern Virginia though. 35 miles west of the Cesspool in Wash DC

    Anyhoo (I never say that but it is good to stretch your vocab now and then lol)
    Today I just returned from shopping. I am gonna do a little piecing this remainder of the early afternoon.
    Go to my parents at 2:30 for a few hours (they are 4 miles away now at Ashby Ponds [Thank you Jesus]) Then coming home ordering pizza and friends coming over for a little while. Then going to bed at a decent hour. getting up early tomorrow to meet three agents at the house in Annapolis (my parents old place)
    Hubbs and I will bring music and a picnic lunch, and innernets.
    Hopefully Sundayafternoon I can do some more sewing. So much to do.
    I love your blog, love reading it every day.
    I love your ideas
    Happy Week-end Lori

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