Free Motion Quilting–Playing with Scale

Free Motion Quilted FlowersWelcome back, Happy (Blossom) Quilters!

Thanks to all who shared the Happy Blossoms Free Motion Quilt tutorial!   We seem to be getting the word out to #banthestipple and #meandernomore…with fun and fresh patterns like the Happy Blossom


… a little experiment in scale using only the Happy Blossom quilt motif….

Free Motion Quilted FlowersI worked on a little practice piece early in the morning…I think my subconscious was working on it during the night…

Free Motion Quilted FlowersNot perfect, but I think with a little tweaking (and a little coffee to wake me up more)  this could be lovely…

Free Motion Quilted FlowersA CHALLENGE-

Use The Happy Blossom or any of the FREE free motion quilt motifs and play with scale…

Try stitching the motif in three sizes and then work on ways to combine them.

Work quickly–it helps YOUR intuitive brain work better.

Then send us a photo–preferably to Flickr, Instagram–#theinboxjaunt, #banthestipple, #meandernomore,  or send a photo to me at


Tomorrow–a little more about Improvisational Quilting  and Open Line Friday–bring YOUR questions…

Happy Stitching,


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28 thoughts on “Free Motion Quilting–Playing with Scale

  1. Wow, if that is what you can dream up, you should spend much more time dreaming. This is charming, I really love it. What an inspiration.

  2. I agree, it looks perfect to me!! Early mornings are when I am most inspired, creative,
    and energetic. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. LOL, my subconcious was also working on this one overnight.but wasn’t as productive as yours!! I’m thinking this may become one of my favorite go-to motifs. My mind just seemed to click with it. Thanks for all you freely share with us !!!!

  4. I am brand new to FMQ with a mid arm machine and I just Love Love Love all your ideas. Also I appreciate the step by step tutorials!

  5. WOW…….I love it, Lori! Please show us in detail since it looks a bit more complicated than earlier. Thank you.

    • Mary, more pictures or more detailed explanation? Is there a particular aspect that seems more complicated?

      • On this topic, too. For me, my first question was “Did you do all the large blossoms on the piece first, allowing plenty of space to make another pass to fill in with smaller blossoms?” Or did you work across (or down, as the case may be) and do a solid fill with large and small blossoms all in one pass?
        Keep dreaming – now we know it’s true when someone says, “I just dreampt this up.” You have proven that we should take our dreaming seriously …

      • Hi Holly,

        I stitched all the large flowers first. Then I went back and filled in with small flowers. I had to knot off several times when I got trapped in small spaces.

  6. I really want to try this, its so much better than stippling. Thank you so much for sharing your skills and thoughts with us.

  7. WOW!! How wonderful to have ‘dreamed’ this up! Thank you so much for sharing and being such an inspiration for all of us to learn more free motion quilting.

  8. I like the idea but would use it a bit differently … by appliqueing the larger flowers, and quilting the smaller ones. Or colouring in the larger flowers with pencils or pens. Love the change of scale!

  9. Little more tweaking? uh…Nope… not in my view… it really is perfect. It went right into my heart so fast, my eyes had to stare ! This is the ultimate flower/fleur IMHO. Wow, Lori, how lucky-blessed did I get to find your blog during my actual lifetime.. Thank you for sharing your talent, skill, and dreams with us. Now to go to my sewing machine and see if it is up to the challenge with me at the controls.. LOL ( I am really not trying to be brown-noser.. I so admire your work.)

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  11. I thought the same as Mary Grass on first look – where did all those pebbles come from? After reading your response I looked closer and see they aren’t pebbles – they’re very small blossoms. On the larger blossoms they all come together tightly in the center of the blossom, but there’s more of an open center in the small blossoms.

    The pattern was real pretty first time around and now you’ve made it even prettier with the fill in blossoms.

    Your subconscious never stops working. That’s why during the night it works without interruption & one gets their best ideas first thing in the a.m.

    Tavette – S. Fla.

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