Improv Applique–A Sneak Preview

Fusible Flowers Project

Good morning, Quilters!

I found a box of fused hand dyed fabrics on my shelves and spent a little TV time cutting up flower shapes.

I don’t know where this is going…A little improvisational appliqué…

I think I’ll use Robison-Anton’s Twister Tweed to outline the shapes?

Fusible Flowers ProjectDeveloping…

Are YOU doing any improv quilting?


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11 thoughts on “Improv Applique–A Sneak Preview

  1. Counting flowers on the wall…that don’t bother me at all….More songs…what’s going on…LOL! (you didn’t have Captain Kangaroo on the TV did you?!)
    This will be cute! Did you dye the fabric? That is something I haven’t tried. I have cutting to do this morning too. (and ironing but that can wait for later!) I am curious what you are going to end up with…keep us posted. :)!!

  2. Ooo, now your gettin into my favorite area of fun….I love applique. I love digging thru my fabrics for “just” the right fabric for a certain shape. You’ve certainly got lots of flowers to pick (pun intended)! Can’t wait to see what you do next. 😉

  3. I did a little improve quilting the other day. Used a piece of fabric and scrapbook items scattered. Worked out pretty good. It isn’t much but I think I like it. Could get way more intense with it. Is there a way to post a picture on here?

  4. Improv applique? Sounds like fun! I’m curious about your process. My kids keep saying they want to do some applique — not pretty flowers like Mom’s applique, though. They want to applique Pokémon and Transformers. And I know that needle turn applique would be setting them up for disappointment, and starch and press to turn the edges would result in a trip to urgent care for badly burned little fingers… But I didn’t think about raw edge applique with fusibles. I guess I could apply the fusible web to an assortment of appropriately colored fabrics and then have them photocopy coloring book pages or clip art for templates that they trace and cut out with scissors, and then I can help with fusing the shapes in place. Hmmm… I’m liking this idea! I’m looking forward to seeing how your improv applique piece comes together. Are you going to outline the edges of your shapes prior to layering and quilting? I’m just assuming this will be a quilted project. Or are you going to fuse the applique shapes, layer with batting, and then have the outline stitching around each shape also function as quilting to hold the layers together?

    I’m enjoying your column in AQS magazine, by the way. Now I don’t have to burn through the color ink cartridges to print all of your tutorials! 🙂

  5. Hi Lori, yes I am! I just had a play with dying some fabric a few days ago, boy was it fun! I am not sure I will ever buy everyday fabric ever again. I have a plan for creating loads of little flower petals, but I’m a step behind you as I still have to do all the fusing of the backing! Love Suzy

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