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  1. Ok… I got Sat and Sun email notification…Bahaha! That made me look at my phone to see what day it was…was totally baffled there for a second…it’s early and I stayed up late late sewing. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it! That’s pretty bad when I tell what day it is by what you are posting.. LOL!
    Love the art. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  2. Wow! Thank you for introducing Hammershoi. At museums, I’m always drawn to the Dutch Masters exhibits, but I’ve missed him. Delicious to observe how he makes “simple” neutrals glow.

  3. Oh I’m shy and an introvert. I was so painfully shy as a little girl I couldn’t answer the telephone! I still to this day have trouble on telephones. I knew I was different and have embraced my personality more now that I have reached 55. These last five years I have done some soul searching to determine my need for creative alone time, my labels for myself needed to change. I was not lazy, anti-social, etc.. I was just more sensitive to others energies and needed time to find myself again. Thank you for this. I loved the Susan Cain talk so much I sent it to my cousin and siblings so that they could better understand me. Most people develop the other side through sheer hard work. The extrovert learns to sit at the lake on family reunions and mellow out. The introvert must through their job or profession be able to speak in public or make a presentation. I have been “guarding what I have in my suitcase” for so many years that now that I’ve owned my own story more I’ve had people actually that have known me for years decide that they had me pegged wrong. What a wonderful discussion. I am married to a man who is more extroverted but fortunately for me likes to sit and read and have down time cooking or being alone in nature! He gets me out of the house more than I would on my own. He has also learned to respect me when I say no to social activities. My vacation time away from work has a lot of introverted time balanced with just small groups of loved ones and a few friends. I for one do not need to be plugged into people 24/7 and hear everything that happens to them through a cellphone blow by blow. There is a huge push to have everyone available through work by cell phone in case someone thinks of something or needs something. I can’t tell you how much that bothers me. We are not talking emergency needs or favors here we are talking about being a “job wife” “job husband”. I did not choose to marry these people and they are not my family. I’m a private person and am resenting this. Hence I am seen as a/an _____ (you can provide the many negative things I’ve been called). It is not negative to step away and not assume this constant contact in my mind however. Trust me, I’m the first person who would jump in and help and do someone’s job if they couldn’t and as actions over time show- I have. While everyone else was standing around talking about the person and sharing notes on what they heard, I’m in there doing what needs to be done. So I think I may have found a book I want to put in my suitcase. It may help explain to my boss the things I bring to the team even though I’m different.
    PS Many of my friends are extroverts but are also people who have slowed down and gotten to know me.

  4. Just got back from a vacation in (partly) Denmark. Wish I’d known about V.H. before I went. Lovely work and great use of neutrals.

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