Free Motion Quilt: The Ink Bottle

The Feathered Leaf:Ink Bottle Mini Quilt001

Remember The Feathered Leaf Free Motion Quilt tutorial from July?

The Feathered Leaf:Ink Bottle Mini Quilt002

I used it in this little mini quilt.


I could always use another vase quilt!
Free Motion Mini Quilt:  The Feathered Leaf and The Ink Bottle

Later this month, with a little sleight of hand, we’ll turn The Feathered Leaf into a PeapodAbracadabra!

Go to go–I’m not sure where I put my Magic Wand!


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3 thoughts on “Free Motion Quilt: The Ink Bottle

  1. Wow! I love this. I believe the feather is a hawk feather, hard to say what kind of hawk-maybe a Red-tail.

  2. Cute cute cute! Thanks for the design idea. My head said pea pod earlier…LOL! and then immediately thought of my Mom’s kitchen…she likes fruit and veggie decor and chickens. :)Filed that away for future gifts for her.
    I finally finished that airplane cover and wing covers last night…doing a happy dance all the way down the stairs to the sewing room this morning to work on the two quilts that have been waiting for me. One is mine! Yay! I’ve only kept one throw but have lots of family left to give to but my bed needed a new quilt. Can hardly wait til it’s done!
    It’s a beautiful day here in Wy! Hope yours is too.

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