Happy Monday! Do YOU Have Pareidolia?

Face on a Woodjoiner

Happy Monday, Everyone!

This post is dedicated to my daughter, Olivia who sees happy faces everywhere she goes!

I found this funny face near a dock in the woods…

Perhaps we have pareidolia….the condition of seeing faces in ordinary objects.

See more funny faces at Bored Panda.

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22 thoughts on “Happy Monday! Do YOU Have Pareidolia?

  1. I thought it was just something I alone saw. Never shared the ‘view.’ And, there is a name for this ability/gift! As always, thanks Lori. :}

  2. Oh! I did not know there was a name for it. I love the little “startle faces” on American electric outlets. Not every country have them. LOL.

  3. I see faces all the time. Some people think I’m weird, but I don’t care. I think it comes from our ‘creative’ minds.

  4. Cut a banana crosswise and see a sad kitty face! Both my aunt and I see faces in inanimate objects. I think it’s similar to the ability to read words even if the letters between the first and last are scrambled – the mind recognizes familiar patterns and objects and tries to make sense of them. Probably also explains how you can make a scrap quilt out of several fabrics that don’t “go together” and have it look great!

  5. I can see faces in almost anything. Always thought I was weird. It’s an interesting phenomenon, given that the first thing infants are “wired” to focus on are faces. Evolutionary theory is that moms will attach more readily to infants who look at them, even though they (the infants) can’t focus clearly for some time after birth.

  6. Guess we have it too… I have rejected pieces of fussy cut fabric due to seeing a face in it.!
    Now I just fussy cut only after there is no face showing. LOL..I used the lid to parmesan
    cheese green cylinder to put a smiley face in my daughter’s lunch when she was in elem. school. She loved it!

  7. You’re not the only one! I always loved this American Express ad that cleverly finds faces in ordinary objects.

  8. My girls and i have laughed about this for years..glad to hear I’m not the only one! Lol! I have a creepy face tile in the bathroom down stairs..I’d replace it if i could..disturbing lol! . I put a rug on it….strange spot for a rug but it works. I had a conversation about this with a wood carver who made faces out of knots in wood…he said they had to tell him what they liked like…i told him i see faces in wood all the time lol, and clouds, hills, tiles, ceilings, etc….lol. My daughter sent me an adorable unicorn cloud pic just yesterday…fun!

    • That was supposed to say looked like. My little niece Audrey told me just a while back that the garage door clicker had a smiley face lol…guess she has it too haha!

  9. Did anyone else notice the face behind the leaves in the upper right corner of Lori’s picture? First I saw someone looking down to the left of the pictue, then it changed to a dog looking down toward the right. Now it is the nostrils of someone looking slightly upward. Methinks I am very tired!

  10. Oh, sure. Just look at the animations in the movies of trees with various faces. Some sad, some scary. Then go look at your own trees and it is easy to find them. I see faces all the time and not just in trees.

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