8 thoughts on “Illustration of Ladies Sewing

  1. Ginko’s bio is so interesting… Love the tryptich you displayed to us..I would like to see their finished item up close….LOL… And I must say, those dresses are really fancy dress for working seamstresses, but I love seeing them..Thanks again Lori for expanding my horizons.

  2. I would like to know what model sewing machine they used. They are so elegant, makes me sewing in my pjs look a bit unkempt. Another world. Thanks for sharing. Dotti

  3. Almost looks like he died in prison or soon after – and at about age 30?? Interesting bio. Perhaps he just changed his name afterwards and laid low.

  4. This was very interesting. Lovely prints! Lovely dresses…GREAT posture on the ladies! Especially since I’m paying the penalty for overdoing it (my sewing/quilting) the past 2 days…probably with not such good posture! LOL…Oooh laughing and breathing hurt. It is always a pleasure to read your posts, Lori.

  5. Hi Lori. Just like to share that BFC-Creations has a machine embroidery design of the print you posted. Suz is very talented. She ‘converts’ photos and prints into machine embroidery designs. I have bought designs from her before.

      • I have the Brother Innovis 4000D. It is a single needle home embroidery machine. Janome, Bernina have such machines also. You can also buy the software to digitise the designs. I like Suz designs because she is able to digitise in such a way that they look so lifelike.


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