16 thoughts on “Madame Monet and Child

  1. Rosemary B here:
    so sweet. Love Monet too.
    Sorry I have not been around much. This is the three crazy weeks packers today, loaders next week at the old house, pack the apartment the loaders come on the 4th.
    I get to stay home today so I am sewing this morning and taking the oldsters to the mall this afternoon šŸ™‚
    Happy Saturday

  2. I also love Monet. It is funny that you have him today. I was looking at an art book of some of his work just yesterday as I was looking for the book Art and Fear you had mentioned yesterday on your post. BTW, that looks like a very good book…I downloaded a sample. šŸ™‚

  3. I See a great use of scraps in an attempt to create an image reminiscent of this beautiful picture. I See a quilt though I am not this accomplished. I have dreams…

    • That is interesting! I was just thinking I might print the pictures of women sewing that Lori has been posting onto fabric to make a quilt. I, too, have dreams! Just not enough time to do everything…

  4. thank-you so mucy. Am confined to barracks for a couple of weeks and beauty such as this brightens the winter days here in australia. I always look forward to Saturday posts. Thank-you

  5. Oh, I can tune in to this! Lucky enough to have visited the house at Giverny and the gardens are still kept like this. As you say Deb a super reference for a quilt too. My favourite painter. Thanks for the memory.

  6. The Impressionists were my favorite style of art when I studied it in college, more because of what they meant politically to the world of art in their own time. Although we consider them “:masters” now, back then that painitng style was considered quite radical. The lives the artists led were quilte bohemian and they struggled to get recognition in the salons (art exhibitions) of the day or find patrons for their work.

    Ironically it was a just like the reception that machine quilting got in the early days of quilting! Impressionism also part of the reason I started quilting. When I discovered Gai Perry’s “Impressionist Quilts” book when I first started quiltng, it was one of the things that pushed me over the top to try quilting!

  7. I’m among the legions of people that loves Monet. I love the little child. Even with her head bent down, one can still see the details of her face. She’s reading a little book and looks totally engrossed. Thanks for the inspiration and lovely artwork.

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