Nora’s Rose-A Free Motion Vase Quilt

Nora's Rose-A Free Motion QuiltWere you digging in the mud yesterday or in your sewing room garden?

I hope you had a little time to plant Nora’s Rose a free motion quilt pattern from yesterday’s tutorial!

Nora's Rose-A Free Motion Quilt

I found this gorgeous piece of red fabric and did a little late night gardening….

Nora's Rose-A Free Motion Quilt


“Love planted a rose and the World turned sweet.’  

-K. Bates

Nora's Rose-A Free Motion Quilt

 Plant a Nora’s Rose today…and make the world a little sweeter!


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20 thoughts on “Nora’s Rose-A Free Motion Vase Quilt

  1. I did a little of both yesterday. I’m not quite to the quilting part of my current project yet, but a few of Nora’s Roses might be just the thing. Have a great day!

  2. You are just so talented, love the rose and it looks so easy to make something so awesome. Thanks for the lesson.

  3. Wouldn’t it be fun to use different flowers in the squares? Nora’s rose, camelia, dogwood, etc., with some with just a geometric pattern in some squares for relief. Nice!!

  4. Beautiful! I didn’t get to try them yet but am going to…going to town today with the family…going to try to get some of that pretty red fabric too. Lori your stitches just amaze me! Very nice job! Have a good day! 🙂

  5. Lori! With Nora’s Rose not only have you ended my long search for a pattern for my precious, hand-pieced hexie quilt, but you have inspired me for the theme. Hexies always remind me of bees, and bees always remind me of…flowers. So the quilting will be floral. Cannot wait to try this out!

  6. Just so happens I have been practicing my cabbage rose for the middle of a DWR quilt. As always beautifully done!!!!

  7. Lori – I noticed how you were able to quilt the gridlines without stopping and starting by echo quilting around the flower motif to reach the next line. Duh…it never occurred to me to do that! What a great idea! Thank you so much for sharing your expertise with us and helping us to be more successful at FMQ. Quilt on!

  8. I love your tutorials….you make it so plain to see. Each and every step. I cannot believe how wonderfully you make these up. I have to get up some courage and try to do one….thank you so much. I look forward to all your blogs and read them daily.

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