Nora’s Rose-A Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

Nora's Rose-Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

Good morning, Quilters!  Welcome to my sunny garden…it’s a bed of roses…Nora’s Roses

This pattern is named after my oldest daughter, Nora Rose …I first saw this pattern on a scrap she doodled. (It’s really a shame Nora doesn’t free motion quilt–her doodles are AMAZING!)

The other reason…her name is Honora Rose  or Nora Rose for short.

So let’s get started on this beautiful and versatile flower…


Nora’s Rose is a BEGINNER free motion quilt pattern to stitch-—-(but an advanced pattern to explain in words…so bear with me…)

Begin by drawing a square.  This rose will morph into any size or shape, but for today, we’ll start with a 3 inch square.

Begin sewing in the middle of the square.  Stitch a rounded triangle and then stitch beyond your starting point…

Nora's Rose-Free Motion Quilt TutorialStitch counter-clockwise around the triangle…

Nora's Rose-Free Motion Quilt TutorialKeep stitching counter-clockwise around..

Nora's Rose-Free Motion Quilt TutorialAdd “waves” and “bumps” as you stitch around and around…

Nora's Rose-Free Motion Quilt TutorialKeep moving in a circle around the center, re-shaping as you make each pass around…

Nora's Rose-Free Motion Quilt TutorialThen add a leaf…Stunning! An award-winning rose–YOU be the judge!

Nora's Rose-Free Motion Quilt TutorialNOTE–In the sample below, the stitches echo the previous line of stitching–perhaps too much…

To my eye, the rose above is prettier…less uniform, more interesting…

Again, YOU be the judge…

Nora's Rose-Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

You won’t be able to plant just one Nora Rose!    You’ll have a full rose bed in no time at all…

And the best thing…NO WEEDS!!

Nora's Rose-Free Motion Quilt TutorialNOTE-In the Garden above….after completing the first rose, stitch a long trailing line to start the next flower.  Then stitch clockwise AND counter-clockwise, never crossing over the long, trailing line…

TOMORROW–See the mini-quilt I made with Nora’s Rose!


Master (Free Motion) Gardener,


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38 thoughts on “Nora’s Rose-A Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

  1. What a fun pattern to learn! I can’t wait to start – your patterns and tutorials are so wonderful!

  2. Rosemary B here:
    Good morning Lori
    I love this. I want to make this now! I will save it.Have you ever thought of making
    your tutorials in a pdf form? just wondering. I could just print your page.
    This next three weeks is the big push for me, hubbs and anyone else but my parents. We are packing and moving out of the “abandoned for a year” beloved home of my parents in Annapolis. They have a lot of stuff…..
    I am actually “skipping out” of the pack day, and the move out day. I am putting hubbs in charge. My sister and i are going to instead, enjoy those days with mom and dad at their rental apartment here in Virginia. They are moving into Ashby Ponds on the 4th of August.
    I love this rose. I want to try it this evening.
    Thank you so much for all of your tutorials and encouragements you give to every one.

  3. I love it! I enjoy the freedom of the first rose. It will be the starting point to quilt the summer throw that I have just finished the top for. Thank you Nora .

  4. Love the rose Lori and great tutorial! I absolutely love your girl’s names too…beautiful.:)
    I finally finished that airplane cover last night and am so excited to sew on something else I don’t know what to pick up first! So might just make a pretty little table quilt with Nora’s Roses. :)!! Been working on that cover so long I was starting to get a bit growly!

  5. YOU are amazing…as well as your daughter! Thank you SOOOOO much for sharing your beautiful talent with us!!!! Can’t wait to try this! Hugs!!

  6. You are so talented! I just love the way you break down the steps! Thanks for sharing with us.

  7. I love this one the best of all the free motion flowers I’ve seen, including my own. How can I post a photo of mine Lori?

  8. Lovely! And I love the lack of weeds! I am losing a fierce battle in my yard. I could actually win at my sewing machine!
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful bouquet with the world!

  9. As usual Lori, you took something that looked very difficult and broke it down for us where it now seems “doable.” I looked at that picture and almost skipped this tutorial because I thought, “I could never do that.” Then I saw the words “beginner” and started reading. Now I think I could do that… if only I can carve out a little “me” time. 🙂 Thanks so much for the inspiration!

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