Tying a Quilt-The Free Motion Quilting Way

Sailboat, Free motion Quilting

Are you looking for a fast and easy way to finish a quilt top?

Perhaps you’ve just completed a baby quilt and don’t want to spend a lot of time or money finishing the quilt…

Here’s the perfect solution—Tie the quilt with a simple free motion quilt motif in every square or corner.

Tying a Quilt001

The most common way to tie a quilt is  to use yarn and a large needle to hand  tie a knot every 4-10 inches in the layered quilt.

Tommy the Turtle-Free Motion Quilting

For the free motion method of hand tying a quilt:  choose a simple free motion motif (or several) and stitch the motif in place of a yarn knot.

Free Motion Quilting-Shamrock Tutorial

The Shamrock

This method is perfect for baby quilts or any quilts that you would like a little fluffier.

It’s fast, fun and a perfect way to gain confidence with free motion quilting…

Try The Sailboat, The Tulip, Tommy the Turtle, The Shamrock free motion quilt motifs

Let me know what YOU think…


PS…Other motifs that would work include The Pretty Little Bow, The Closed Umbrella, The Open Umbrella, The Daisy, The Windowsill Garden

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29 thoughts on “Tying a Quilt-The Free Motion Quilting Way

  1. Great idea! An intro to your sailboat motif is such perfect timing for me! I’m making a baby boy quilt this summer featuring a row of sailboats. I know I’ll be practicing this every chance I get! Your tutorials are incredible. Thank you so much for taking the time.

  2. Great idea ~ thank you for sharing your free-motion-quilting Lori ~ your skills are very professional.

  3. May I say you are brilliant? The quilt snob in me always feels it’s not a quilt unless it’s quilted, so no tied (with yarn our embroidery floss) quilts for me. But this is perfect! Thanks for the idea.

  4. This is a huge improvement over tying. I find that the knots put too much pressure on one spot of the fabric that wears that spot out. I think the stitching evens things out and is definitely more eye appealing and makes it a quilt. I love the idea!

  5. Free-motion tying is a wonderful idea!
    I tied one of my first quilts with yarn. My son used it for a few years. He often sat on the floor watching football games on TV with the quilt wrapped around himself. The family dog often came to sit on the quilt next to him.
    After a few years, the yarn ties broke, and the batting in the center came apart and migrated to the edges of the quilt. I took it apart and replaced the batting.
    Around that time, I was teaching myself free-motion quilting. I wanted to learn to make free-motion feathered wreaths. After trying a few times, I realized I needed lots more practice. I used this quilt to practice making feathered wreaths.

  6. I think this is an awesome idea especially since so many of the ties seem to untie or rip out or just look shabby after a while. A great way to bridge/meld the 2 methods……tied vs quilted.

  7. Great idea for quick finishes on baby quilts. I also wanted to say that I used your Greek key fmq design for the first time this week. Kept the “up, right, down, right” mantra going and it turned out just the way I wanted, and without any marking. Thanks for all the good ideas.

  8. That is so funny cuz I had just been mulling this over in my head…have two bedsize quilts about done and ready for quilting…have done a ton of HST’s in pinks and neutrals as leaders and enders and think I finally have enough to put together this baby quilt I have been itching to start. OH and I have all that cute thread from Sulky…now my head it whirling with the possibilities!!! Love to leave them a smidge fluffier and this will be perfect.
    I actually threw together a few large quilts out of sewing stash and necessity in our younger years and back then tied everything…all I had time and room for I thought…I doubled everything and all these years later the quilts are well loved but no string undone. I think tied quilts are so snuggly but I love both ways…good thing cuz I’m hooked on FMQ now. 🙂

  9. Great idea Lori! I love this idea, a wonderful way to practice.

    A little off topic, but THANK YOU for my autographed magazine! It arrived in the mail yesterday! I’m so excited for you…your article is wonderful and I hope to see more of them, I may have to subscribe!

    I totally agree with Suzanna, you are brilliant, and I would add amazing. Thank you for sharing your quilting ideas with us.

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