15 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. hmmm…. .make a circle?…empty spool in middle, others spaced around it.. ouila! flower! sorry, my mind works overtime.. This morning in south GA we are fogged in.,,, lovely and cozy IMHO with all the very tall pine trees barely seen…..our camera died recently 🙁 …That spool bit is cute Lori, somehow reminded me of the antique short films with music and a ball bouncing on each syllable of the words..Blessings today..

    • Thanks Marta! I’ll have to try your suggestion! Foggy here today too! Might be a “sewing” day!

  2. It’s supposed to be cooler today,,. it was 101° yesterday here in So CA – definitely will be sewing this afternoon. Love the wooden spools!

  3. Muggy is not a word spoken here very often, but today it’s hot and humid.greetings from St. George.

  4. Love the spools and love the idea with the circle, but then ;truth is I love your posts. Thank you

  5. What a cute idea! I have some of those spools in a large glass jar. They came from my Aunt Marie’s quilting room! Where did you get yours?

  6. I still have a few of those wooden spools, too. Love them.
    When they’re empty I can’t throw them away! It’s like throwing away the past ……

    • I agree! They’re so pretty–and we’ll never see wood spools again. Little treasures…

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