Free Motion Quilting-The Patriot’s Challenge


Free motion quilting, flag and USA MapWORKING IN SERIES

Last year for the Fourth of July, I made The Anchor Quilt

I intended to stitch a few more Americana quilts that were swirling in my head, but summer slipped away…

Free motion quilting, flag and USA MapThis year, I challenged myself to work in series–create several free motion quilts with a patriotic theme.

One way to help unify a group of quilts is to limit the supplies:  In this challenge, I limited myself to a piece of Robert Kaufman Kona fabric in Riviera blue and Sulky Rayon thread in pale yellow.

Free motion quilting, flag and USA Map

This flag quilt was a simple way to begin the series…It is 7″ x 10″.  The Greek Key free motion quilt motif may be found in the weekly tutorials and is one of my favorites.

Free motion quilting, flag and USA Map

The second quilt is a bit larger…USA is 20″ x 15″….

Free motion quilting, flag and USA Map

Free motion quilting, flag and USA Map

Tomorrow…More of The Patriot’s Challenge…Working in Series...

And there’s still time to join me!

Choose one color fabric:  red, white or blue?…and one thread…YOUR country…

…and crown Thy good with brotherhood…


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23 thoughts on “Free Motion Quilting-The Patriot’s Challenge

  1. This is a blue ribbon winner!
    Thank you, Lori. I will have a new set of placemats by the end of this week. I’ll use a patterned fabric on the back just in case it isn’t as perfect as yours.
    I promise to send photos.

  2. Such creativity…looks gorgeous. Still a beginner and not as confident in my work, but I will try.

  3. Amazing as always. Please tell me that the US was NOT totally freehand, you drew out the shape first???? You are incredible.

  4. I’ve been following your blog for years, but when I decided to make a fast little patriotic quilt to hang on my door, your work became the inspiration for quilting the blue portion. (It was fast to piece; the quilting takes longer, and I’m not yet done.) Kudos to you!

  5. Awesome!!!! There are many yet who think that FMQ can’t be accomplished on a DSM………you are definitely/successfully dispelling that myth!!!!!!!! I am so thankful I came across your place!!!!!!

  6. Cute Lori…I love patriotic things, I used to paint a lot of it and have wanted to sew something for my table but it’s one of those holidays that always takes me by surprise. I have a huge project today but am going to try sneaking this in tonight…will be my reward! 🙂
    BTW…45 degrees this morning…um…Brrr! Can’t wait til the 4th…maybe summer will get here! LOL!

  7. Love these! You are so creative and we are so lucky that you share your talents with us. Thank you. 🙂 I do have a question for you. I put a little “siggy” on my quilts similar to your “LKennedy 2014.” I usually put mine on the back. I put it close to the edge, before quilting the border. I flip the quilt over, pin back the front so I’m just quilting through the back and the batting and stitch “machine quilted by paula dalby 2014.” I use the lettering that’s on my 820 (same as yours). Do you use the lettering fonts or are you just free-handing that “LKennedy 2014”? I really like the way your letters look.

  8. what a prize!!! Just love your patriotic series… and everything else you do! When you pop up in my in box, I just have to smile and click through!

  9. Lori, I love these cute little quilts! You have inspired me to make one today to be posted in the lobby bulletin case downstairs at my apartment building. I do alterations for people in the building, and I’m a volunteer quilter for Quilts for Kids. Also, I volunteer as the secretary of the residents association here, and, in my spare time I work 3 days a week as an administrative assistant (lol).

    I think a little flag quilt would be a nice addition to be seen in the display case when people come down for the building BBQ on Friday.

    Your site is my favorite learning spot. I’ve been sewing for over 40 years, and have made a lot of tied and ‘stitch in the ditch’ quilts, but I’ve been diligently practicing and doodling for the past few months and getting better each time I endeavor to stitch a new project.

    Thank you so much for all that you do and for the inspiration and motivation you give to me!

    • You sound very, very busy, but I’m so glad you’re taking the time to quilt! I think a little flag quilt would brighten ANY lobby…Please post a photo to Flickr when you can!

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  12. Thank you so much for sharing your talent. It has to be so time consuming to put together the email and post each day. I just want to let you know that I look forward to them, and really appreciate all of the tips and inspiration that you share. Happy Independence Day!

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